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Enovate Medical Is Now Part of Ergotron

We’ve set the new standard

ErgoExpo 2018 Attendees Choice AwardThe WorkFit-TX™ Standing Desk Converter was designed as the new standard in how companies support their employees’ health and productivity with sit-stand. Thoughtfully-designed and the first of its kind in the marketplace, it has an ultra-low, slim profile that fits a broad range of users and enhances workspaces—without the bulk. The WorkFit-TX offers leading ergonomics sitting or standing thanks to the height-adjustable, drop-down keyboard tray that supports the proper wrist alignment and height.

Introducing the new standard: WorkFit-TX by Ergotron

Introducing the new standard: WorkFit-TX by Ergotron

Learn why it’s the new standard for standing desks.

WorkFit-TX: The New Standard

Our mission is to provide the best ergonomic solutions for workers. The WorkFit-TX is that goal being realized, featuring unparalleled adjustment capability for a sit-stand desk converter. As industrial designer John Blomstrom explains, this workstation’s innovative low profile ensures a comfortable position whether sitting or standing.

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Fits more bodies and workstyles


Our lowest profile product yet. The WorkFit-TX Standing Desk sets the new standard in sit-stand with a thoughtful design that fits more users.

How low can you go?

The X-shaped lift folds down within inches of your desk for a sleek resting profile that’s three inches below the other guys. This keeps the right monitor to keyboard height ratio for a perfect fit—a feature that is painfully missing from most sit-stand desk converters today.

With a height-adjustable, back tilt keyboard that sits way below the worksurface, this ultra-low sit-stand workstation delivers leading ergonomics sitting and standing.

  1. Keyboard tray has a 3" (7.6 cm) adjustable height range to fit more users
  2. Keyboard can be tilted back as recommended by ergonomists
  3. Keyboard drops 3.5" (8.9 cm) below the desk surface for proper posture
WorkFit-TX Keyboard Raised
WorkFit-TX Keyboard Lowered