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Enovate Medical Is Now Part of Ergotron


Standing Desks

Flexible furniture that moves you. The feel-good benefits of a sit-stand desk are just within reach.

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Your Guide to Buying and Using a Standing Desk

Standing Desk Guide

Many companies are encouraging employees to invest in their physical and mental well-being with a standing desk. This step-by-step guide will help you choose the right standing desk to add comfort and a new sense of energy to how you work.

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Ergonomics & Wellness

Ergonomics & Wellness

Workstation flexibility promotes healthy computing by turning a sedentary work environment into one with movement. Learn about the benefits of an adjustable standing desk that’s designed with ergonomics in mind.

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Safe, Certified

Safe & Certified

Ergotron is certified ISO 9001:2015 compliant. This shows our commitment to best-practice procedures. Our products undergo a testing regimen unequaled in the industry.

Expert Care

Expert Care

We provide world-class coverage across the globe. Our sales representatives can give in-person help selecting and building a solution that meets your exact needs.

Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Designs

We incorporate ergonomic principles based on scientific anthropometric data, allowing our computer mounts and workstations to accommodate up to 95% of the population.