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Enovate Medical Is Now Part of Ergotron

Celebrating 40 years

Ergotron of the future builds on the past

Since 1982, we’ve designed and built innovative products to improve how people work, play and care for others.

Ergotron 40 Years Logo
HX HD Pivot Monitor Arm

Stability for Ultra-Wides

Monitor sizes continue to increase. Ergotron releases the HX HD Pivot Monitor Arm, the first of its kind to hold ultra-wide and curved displays.

Maintaining Healthy Communities

Maintaining Healthy Communities

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launch new tailored vaccination and telehealth carts to support rapidly changing healthcare needs.


Continued Ergonomics Leadership

Ergotron continues to serve as an ergonomics thought leader, releasing the WorkFit-TX that set a new standard in office ergonomics.

Leading a Movement Uprising

We began the global JustStand campaign to raise awareness of the health benefits of a sit-stand workstyle. Ergotron was influential in research published by the CDC, the British Journal of Medicine and more.

StyleView Telemedicine Cart

Enabling Digital Workflows

As digitalization transforms healthcare, Ergotron responds with versatile telehealth medical carts and wall mounts.

Constant Force Logo

Advanced CF Technology

Ergotron uses its manufacturing and engineering expertise to patent Constant Force™ Technology for easy product adjustment.


Sit-Stand Leaders

We serve as leaders of the sit-stand movement and release the first WorkFit® sit-stand products, WorkFit-C and WorkFit-S.

StyleView EMR Cart

Bringing Ergonomics to Healthcare

Ergotron applies the same principles of ergonomic and movement to healthcare with the integrated sit-stand StyleView® EMR Cart.

VESA Standard

Leaders in VESA Standard

The VESA mounting interface standard is released to help ensure mounting compatibility using key insights and research from Harry Sweere.

400 Series Arm

Timeless Product Designs

Ergotron releases the 400 Series Flat Panel Arm, a product that’s still sold today and recently purchased by a popular automotive manufacturer.

Triangle of Care

Caring for Patients & Caregivers

We enter the healthcare market using the Triangle of Care message, which promotes the right relationship between the caregiver, patient and technology. Triangle of Care message. This concept is still used today.


Industry-First Ergonomic Workstations

Ergotron patents one of the first monitor tilt bases in the industry, the MacTilt, that was later introduced at MacWorld.

Triple Display Mount

Building Quality Arms & Mounts

We start designing and building monitor arms. This includes the patented suspension system that is versatile enough to position up to three displays on a single workstation.

LAN Rack

A Growing, Innovative Portfolio

Ergotron expands its portfolio to include computer furniture. We create the first LAN rack in the industry, offering an innovative way to organize network equipment.

Harry SweereInventing an Industry

In 1982, Ergotron founder Harry Sweere begins in his basement workshop with an idea for a tilt/swivel stand to support better postures for computer workers.

Moving Forward

This rich history and culture of innovation established in the last four decades prepares us to meet customer needs for the next 40 years and beyond. We look forward to continuing to inspire meaningful innovations that help people feel, fuel and enjoy a new sense of energy at work.