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Our growing portfolio of beautifully designed mounting and mobility products for computer systems, displays, laptops, TVs, tablets & mobile devices has empowered Ergotron to lead and innovate in each of these markets while continuing to provide a number of solutions for nearly every niche.

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From the Workplace to the Classroom

Bringing life-changing benefits to future generations through the active classroom

Purchases of WorkFit or Lift35 help provide classrooms with complimentary LearnFit student desks, bringing the benefits of moving more.

Press Release | FitForward™ Program

Getting Productivity Up & Moving

The Office Landscape is Evolving

Ergotron’s second JustStand Index outlines the survey results and the business implications of sedentary workstyles as well as the promising news that public awareness of sitting disease is shifting.

Press Release | JustStand Index

New Study: Children Reduce Sitting Time with Sit-to-Stand Desks

Findings from pilot studies in the United Kingdom and Australian primary schools

The successful reduction of sedentary behaviours in young people is pertinent for the prevention of diseases. These studies add to the limited evidence base on the efficacy of sit-to-stand desks on objectively measured sitting time.

Press Release | Research in Wellness

Just Launched

StyleView® Electric Lift Carts

Introducing our new StyleView Electric Lift Carts with 20" (51 cm) of sit-stand height adjustment that simultaneously moves the worksurface and keyboard faster and farther than competitors’ electric carts.

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LearnFit® SE

The lightweight LearnFit® SE Sit-Stand Desk offers core sit-stand features to support positive academic performance, collaboration and student well-being.

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3 Key Takeaways from ISTE 2018

Robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality—oh my! The ISTE 2018 show floor was a goldmine of energy and tech-enabled possibilities for educators. While I enjoyed walking and working the floor at this...

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