Carrie Schmitz

Senior Manager of Human Factors & Ergonomics Research, AOEAS, CHC

Carrie has specialized in computer ergonomics and office wellness for nearly 20 of her 30-year career in market research. At Ergotron, Carrie oversees ergonomics research and outreach, working closely with top researchers in the field to advance knowledge around the impacts sit-stand activity has on our health and wellbeing. Carrie is deeply committed to educating the public on the importance of healthy work/life balance, and her work with prominent universities and healthcare organizations has been important to the establishment of evidence-based data around the benefits of sit-stand workstations. Her input and expertise has informed design decisions behind Ergotron’s Stand Up Desk and Monitor Mount lines of products. Carrie often presents to large businesses and professional associations, and regularly consults businesses on tailoring office spaces to suit employees’ physical needs and work requirements.

Carrie spent the first 15 years of her career at Ergotron managing technical publications. Her previous experience in market research and product design make her uniquely qualified to aid organizations around the world to successfully interpret and adapt the latest scientific discoveries into best practices, while optimizing health and performance in the workplace and classroom. Prior to joining Ergotron, Carrie worked in market research for LSI, Inc.

In 2016, Carrie achieved both an Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification from the Back School, and a Health Coach Certification from Real Balance Global Wellness Services.

Carrie is frequently quoted about the importance of standing in the workplace and has also contributed to publications including Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Entrepreneur, U.S. News, The Telegraph, and the Active Times.

Carrie’s white papers include:

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