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Second-Annual JustStand Wellness Summit Tackles Global Workplace “Sitting Disease” Epidemic

Ergotron convenes experts to discuss strategies for counteracting the impact of prolonged sitting on national wellness

St. Paul, MN, June 26, 2012

Addressing the growing health crisis resulting from prolonged sitting and inactivity, Ergotron, a leading manufacturer of sit-to-stand office solutions and a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. (Nasdaq “NTK”), is hosting the 2nd-Annual JustStand™ Wellness Summit at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday July 10, 2012, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

At the day-long event, researchers will be announcing breaking results from several studies which used the Ergotron WorkFit sit-stand workstations. Ergotron’s WorkFit workstations, which enable postural rotation, give users the ability to easily alternate between a seated and standing position frequently during their day. Expert panels will also share perspectives, successes and challenges businesses face when creating corporate cultures that facilitate healthier, more active work routines.

The term “Sitting Disease” has been coined by the scientific community and is commonly used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. The research lists physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle as key risk factors in 4 out of the top 7 killers in the U.S. In modern workplaces, more jobs require extended and prolonged sitting time, with an increasing percentage of this population spending more than seven hours sitting in an average day. The research also shows that employees that sit too much are open to not only the aches and pains of prolonged inactivity, but also back pain, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancers.

“The concerns tied to prolonged sitting and inactivity impact every corner of the globe and it’s time we all literally took a ‘stand’ to counter its impact,” said Joel Hazzard, president and CEO, Ergotron. “The Summit presenters’ research validates long-held assumptions that sit-to-stand computing can improve an employee’s wellness and productivity while also positively impacting an employer’s profitability.”

The JustStand Wellness Summit will feature keynote presentations as well as interactive discussions. Business leaders will also be sharing why they are leading the change with employee access to sit-stand solutions beyond the prescriptive bias. Confirmed presenters include:

  • Dr. David Dunstan: Head of the Physical Activity laboratory in the Division of Metabolism and Obesity at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia
  • Dr. James Levine, MD, Ph.D. – Mayo Clinic: Ground-breaking obesity researcher; and world’s leading expert in the field of N.E.A.T.™ (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) research
  • Dr. Nico Pronk Ph.D., FACSM: vice president for Health Management at HealthPartners; founding president of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP)

“Research has established that the simple act of standing increases blood flow, metabolic rates and caloric burn, and in general, supports a healthier life and work style,” said Jane Payfer, chief marketing officer at Ergotron. “It is tremendous to bring this level of scientific and practical experience together in one room at the JustStand Summit, giving businesses firsthand access to thought leadership to best assess their own corporate wellness goals.”

The Summit is complimentary for anyone interested in learning about the risks of prolonged sitting and inactivity, however, registration is required due to limited space. For more information, or to view live streaming the day of the event, visit or follow the event on Twitter, hashtag #jsss12.

Note: The term “Sitting Disease” has been coined by the scientific community and is commonly used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. However, the general medical community does not recognize Sitting Disease as a diagnosable disease at this time.

About the JustStand Campaign

Launched in July 2010, Ergotron’s JustStand wellness campaign is designed to challenge millions of computer users to alternate sitting and standing at their computers throughout the day, to help mitigate the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. In addition to education events such as the annual JustStand Wellness Summit, the campaign’s web site ( houses links to the latest research and news on Sitting Disease.

About Ergotron

Ergotron, Inc. is a global manufacturer of leading digital display mounting, furniture, and mobility products that have been improving the human interface with digital displays for over 30 years. This history of innovation and passion for differentiation is evidenced in over 70 patents and a growing portfolio of award winning brands—OmniMount, StyleView, WorkFit and Neo-Flex—for computer monitors, notebooks, tablets, flat panel displays and TVs. Ergotron’s products incorporate patented CF lift and pivot motion technology to achieve less effort and more ergonomic motion for a healthier and more interactive user experience when viewing any digital display. Ergotron devices are not intended to cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease. Whether to enhance computing wellness or entertainment excitement, improve workplace productivity or create business process efficiencies, Ergotron’s products are positioning your digital world. Ergotron is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with sales efforts in Phoenix, Amersfoort, London, the Netherlands, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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Press Contact

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