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Ergotron Promotes Productive Computing Benefits of Using Multiple Computer Displays in Dare2Dual Promotion

ST. PAUL, MN July 28, 2008

In an effort to raise awareness of the productivity benefits of using more than one computer display, Ergotron is launching a national promotion called Dare2Dual, which kicks off August 1, 2008. Dare2Dual will promote the efficiency and workflow advantages of using multiple displays with a Web page——featuring productivity resources and links, a productivity Payback Calculator and a light-hearted YouTube video that spotlights a product tester who dreams of a Wild West dual monitor duel.

“Through our Dare2Dual promotion, we intend to heighten consumer and industry awareness of the benefits of using multiple screens, not just the positive effect on productivity, but also on workplace health and wellness,” said Jane Payfer, vice president of marketing for Ergotron. “With minimal investment, businesses can yield demonstrable results that can be seen in healthier employees and a stronger bottom line.”

With Ergotron’s award-winning, human-centered products—Neo-Flex™ Combo Lift Stand and the Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand—as the promotion’s centerpiece, Dare2Dual will emphasize the role these products can play in creating a more efficient and healthy computer environment. The promotion will highlight the time and cost savings achieved by viewing multiple applications at once and eliminating the toggling back and forth on a single screen. The featured products include:

Neo-Flex Combo Lift Stand
The affordable, one-of-a-kind Neo-Flex™ Combo Lift Stand provides desktop computing comfort with laptop portability while improving productivity. Combine with an external LCD, keyboard and mouse to create an efficient dual-display configuration. With its five inches (13 cm) of in-tandem height adjustability, this stand enables quick positioning of both an LCD and notebook for maximum ergonomic comfort, promoting workspace wellness at the home or in the office. MSRP $179.
Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand
Height-adjustable and affordable, the Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand improves productivity by creating an efficient multi-display configuration. Simultaneously lift LCD screens to proper height for greater ergonomic comfort. Five inches (13 cm) of in-tandem height adjustment enables quick positioning of two LCDs for optimum comfort, promoting wellness wherever the workspace is located. MSRP $149.

Multi-Display Payback Calculator
To illustrate just how quickly an Ergotron dual-display mount pays for itself, Ergotron has integrated a Payback Calculator into its Web site. The interactive function allows users to enter information about their company (workdays per year, number of employees, annual compensation, etc.) and the Payback Calculator computes and displays expected productivity gains, company-wide and by employee, as well as dollars saved.

Dare2Dual Video: The Tester Guy
To help demonstrate the usefulness of Ergotron’s dual and multiple display products, Dare2Dual includes a humorous, “behind-the-scenes” video of what happens when an Ergotron product tester dreams of a Wild West dual-monitor duel.

Ergonomics research over the past 20 years has consistently shown that workstations adjusted to fit the user can result in an 18 percent productivity increase—whether one uses a single- or multi-display configuration. The need for ergonomically adjustable components becomes even more pronounced when several people share a space. A 2003 study by the University of Utah, NEC and ATI Technologies found that multiple screens substantially outperform the single monitor in productivity and usability with 33 percent fewer errors, 45 percent better task tracking and 32 percent better task performance.

“The industry data on the benefits of using multiple displays is conclusive,” said Payfer. “The findings by so many in the computer industry and academic community now confirm what Ergotron has know all along—that comfort, usability and productivity are inter-related. That’s something that has been part of Ergotron’s culture since its inception.”

For more information about Ergotron, Dare2Dual, or Neo-Flex products visit or call 800.888.8458. To participate in the discussion regarding multi-display computing or productivity, please visit

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