Management at Ergotron

Introducing Ergotron’s senior executive leadership. Our management team is dedicated to expanding opportunities and continuing growth at Ergotron.

Pete Segar, Chief Executive Officer

Pete Segar
Chief Executive Officer

Scott Lunger, Chief Commercial Officer

Scott Lunger
Chief Commercial Officer

James Noreault, Vice President, Manufacturing & Operations

James Noreault
Vice President, Manufacturing & Operations

Betty Grogan, VP, Commercial Business Unit

Betty Grogan
Vice President, Commercial Business Unit

David Wardleworth, VP, Consumer Business Unit

David Wardleworth
Vice President, Consumer Business Unit

Daneen Kiger, VP, Global Marketing

Daneen Kiger
Vice President, Global Marketing

Diane M. Kaufman, Senior VP, Global Human Resources

Diane M. Kaufman
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

Melody J. McKay, Senior Vice President, Global Services

Melody J. McKay
Senior Vice President, Global Services

Cheryl Holt, VP, Product Management

Cheryl Holt
Vice President, Product Management

Bob Fluhrer, VP, Engineering

Bob Fluhrer
Vice President, Engineering

Ken Jensen, VP, Information Technology

Ken Jensen
Vice President, Information Technology

Craig Thomas, VP, China Operations & General Manager

Craig Thomas
Vice President, China Operations & General Manager

Jason Schlicht, Vice President, ODM

Jason Schlicht
Vice President, ODM

Schindel, Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Schindel
Chief Financial Officer