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The benefits of sit-stand computing are at hand. Take a look at Ergotron’s WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations, a complete line of desk systems that inspire an “on demand” sit-stand work routine while promoting proper ergonomic positioning. The WorkFit line offers what traditional desk cannot, generous height-adjustment and independent display and keyboard positioning, giving employees flexibility to adjust their stations to their unique needs. Your employees will feel more energetic and engaged, moving more throughout the day, giving you a happier, productive, and more engaged workforce.

Here are a few things your employees will experience using sit-stand desks:

  • Boosts of energy by increasing metabolism throughout sit-stand cycles
  • Increased focus by being able to switch positions when attention wanders
  • Ability to self-manage physical comfort

For testimonials visit Ergotron’s causal site,, designed to spread awareness about the dangers of prolonged sitting and present research and solutions to help businesses like yours address the changing work environment. Or learn about the opportunity to increase productivity through an investment in ergonomic equipment like the WorkFit line.

Want to see it for yourself? Ergotron believes that the only way to see a product’s value is to personally experience its benefits in your actual work environment. With no obligation to purchase, you can request a free unit today, to test as you need with critical internal stakeholders. The unit is yours to keep, no matter what you decide. Contact me to get started!

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