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WideView Camera Shelf Kit

Attach this camera shelf to your WideView WorkSpace to add video-conferencing capability. Mounts above the display(s) for better viewing angles.

WideView Camera Shelf Kit Part Number: 97-500-055

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SV LiFe Power Upgrade System

Easily add AC power to a new or existing non-powered Ergotron cart! This upgrade kit provides plenty of energy for your cart’s on-board computer hardware. The system easily attaches to the t-slot chan...

SV LiFe Power Upgrade System Part Number: 97-837

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Power Strip

Six outlets allow equipment to be plugged in at point of use. Cord is 15' (4.5 m) long, providing enough reach to get to available receptacles. Includes brackets for easy, secure attachment to Ergotro...

Power Strip Part Number: 97-711

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Medical-Grade Power Strip

Medical-grade receptacle and plug enhance safety and reliability. Certified and approved for use in patient vicinity and in a variety of healthcare settings, including offices, imaging centers, labora...

Medical-Grade Power Strip Part Number: 97-466-214

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Coiled Extension Cord Accessory Kit

Conveniently brings power to any non-powered Ergotron cart when combined with a power strip. Medical-grade receptacle and plug enhance safety and reliability.

Coiled Extension Cord Accessory Kit Part Number: 97-464

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Power Strip Mounting Kit for Ergotron Carts

Mount a standard power strip to an Ergotron cart. The kit’s brackets firmly attach the strip to the cart’s t-slot channel. Its cable management features cleanly route the power cord.

Power Strip Mounting Kit for Ergotron Carts Part Number: 60-590

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Interface Bracket Kit

Mount accessories to the to the main column of an Ergotron cart. Use the Interface Bracket to fasten heavier components to the rear of the cart. Or deploy the Light-Duty Brackets for tight attachment ...

Interface Bracket Kit Part Number: 60-587-207

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SV Sani-wipes Holder

Add a convenient dispenser for sani-wipes to an Ergotron cart. This kit attaches a wire-frame holder to the cart’s t-slot channel found on its main column.

SV Sani-wipes Holder Part Number: 97-828

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T-Slot Bracket

Mounts customer-supplied accessories to rear of cart.

T-Slot Bracket Part Number: 60-575-003

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Large Utility Shelf

This secure and sturdy shelf supports projectors, printers and other small peripherals on select Ergotron carts or walls. When attaching to SV40/41/42 StyleView Carts, a separately ordered T-Slot Brac...

Large Utility Shelf Part Number: 97-540-053

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Basket and Handle Kit

Mounts to rear of Neo-Flex WorkSpaces or WorkFit-C Workstations. Keeps task-related items where they can be quickly accessed.

Basket and Handle Kit Part Number: 97-488-055

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Scanner Holder for Ergotron Carts

Holder provides easy access to hand-held scanner. Attaches to Ergotron products that include a t-slot channel for attaching accessories.

Scanner Holder for Ergotron Carts Part Number: 97-543-207

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Display Security Bracket

This versatile and simple theft-deterrent anchor works with most displays and most locking devices. Use with pre-installed displays or in first-time installations.

Display Security Bracket Part Number: 97-435-009

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Mouse Pad

This pad is perfectly sized to fit mouse trays on all Ergotron keyboard solutions.

Mouse Pad Part Number: 85-025-079

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Laptop Security Bracket for Neo-Flex Mobile WorkSpace

Upgrade your Neo-Flex Mobile WorkSpace (24-182-055) with added laptop security. This laptop security system offers theft deterrence as well as stability against unintentional bumps—no need for Velcro ...

Laptop Security Bracket for Neo-Flex Mobile WorkSpace Part Number: 97-465-057

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