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软件工具可以使您轻松管理 Ergotron StyleView 医疗推车

了解 StyleLink 电源系统和抽屉,它是我们的全新 StyleView Keypad 安全工具,并且升级您的 SV43/44 抽屉系统至 最新固件.

StyleLink SKY 软件


>利用云可以在任何地方管理 StyleView 推车。

Questions about our legacy StyleLink software? Please contact customer care for support.

StyleView Keypad for Windows®

Windows PC-based pin code entry for convenient drawer access on Ergotron StyleView SV43/44 Carts.

This application includes support for all StyleView SV43/44 medical carts and provides these features:

  • Provides user access functions from an integrated PC for StyleView 43/44 drawers.
  • Inputs accepted from mouse, number pad, and touch screen.

Note:   Application does not currently provide access to master pin/administrative functions.

Software Download

Software download requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later along with .NET Framework 4.
Both the drawer(s) and integrated computer must be connected to the cart's USB hub for this application to control the drawers.

Get StyleView Keypad

StyleView SV43/44 Firmware



  • 新配置选项使得输入任何用户 PIN 就能解锁所有抽屉。“抽屉打开”警报仍然会响起。(当输入药房 PIN 后,“抽屉打开”警报将被禁用。)
  • 当只安装有一个抽屉时,清除选择抽屉并打开的要求。
  • 抽屉控制器断电时,“警报静音”设置不可重置。


下载软件需要电脑安装 Microsoft Windows XP 或更高版本,并带有 NET Framework 4 软件。

  • 主 PIN、所有的用户 PIN*、药房 PIN和“警报静音”设置都将重置为默认出厂设置。
  • 任何已经运用到推车的自定义设置都将需要重新设定。

*如果您的 PIN 都是通过 StyleLink 企业版部署,那么您将不需要重新设置用户 PIN。


Wi-Fi Application

Wi-Fi Application

Keep your LiFeKinnex system connected

LiFeKinnex’s Wi-Fi compatibility was developed to increase the operational efficiency of your system. This app enables wireless connectivity, allowing the latest firmware updates to be easily applied. From the app’s interface on the cart’s onboard computer, you can also monitor battery performance.