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Devoted to Helping Caregivers
Caregivers are our heroes and our inspiration for design. We have been touched, consoled, and moved by nurses and doctors. Driven by our devotion to remove constraints inhibiting patient-focused energy—we want to help caregivers thrive.

CareFit Carts by Ergotron

Why We Designed CareFit Slim Carts

Lead Ergotron Industrial Designer John Theis describes the driving force behind creating a line of medical carts to help caregivers thrive: The all-new Ergotron CareFit Slim LCD and Laptop Carts.

Products for Caregivers

We have been touched, consoled and moved by nurses and doctors. Driven by our devotion to remove constraints inhibiting patient-focused energy, we've created a line of medical carts to help caregivers thrive. Learn More

Fits your people, workflows and environments

The new CareFit line of healthcare products from Ergotron: Everything is designed around caregivers.

  • Short, tall or average clinicians can work comfortably and effectively—no matter their stature
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to move wherever work takes you around the facility
  • Fits tightly against a wall to free up valuable space when not in use

CareFit™ Slim Fits Your Needs

Developed out of intense research and feedback from caregivers, we’ve designed an ultra-lean medical cart that is purposefully built to address the needs of caregivers. CareFit's lightweight yet comfortable configuration as detailed here by Ergotron’s lead Industrial Designer, John Theis.

The CareFit Slim Series

CareFit Pro Cart
Introducing CareFit Pro Coming Soon
Advanced Design
  • Small footprint
  • Highly mobile & lightweight
  • True sit-to-stand adjustment
  • Customizable for power, scanner, printer & more
CareFit Pro Interface
Our New Full-Featured Cart

An intuitive dashboard keeps you in charge: just one of the innovations of CareFit Pro. Learn More

LiFeKinnex logo

LiFeKinnex™ Power System

Alleviate power anxiety with this innovative battery power system designed to support multiple workflows, including hot swap or on-cart charging. The three-part system, including the battery, power module and optional external charger, minimizes downtime by monitoring battery runtime with a LCD screen and using the unique magnetic connection feature for an easy swapping process.  Learn More

Explore More Healthcare Products

Ergotron can help your clinic, physician office or hospital improve electronic medical records access. Designed for your ever-changing workflows, our comprehensive portfolio of medical wall mounts, carts, desk mounts and service is ready to support your entire facility. Learn More

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