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We are devoted to helping caregivers thrive.

Modern designs, leading ergonomics and personalized features enable caregiver well-being, memorable patient experiences and life-changing care.

CareFit Combo: Support Connections and Comfort

Support Connections and Comfort

See how the CareFit Combo System empowers nurses to choose how they want to work and allows IT teams to easily maintain equipment and adapt to changing workflows.

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CareFit Combo System: Support Connections and Comfort

Allow nurses to take control over their workflows, health and space, while assuring IT teams they can easily maintain their equipment to promote uptime.

For over 40 years, Ergotron has designed ergonomic healthcare solutions for comfortable and efficient workflows. Let’s move forward together.

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CareFit Pro

Introducing CareFit Combo Arm & System

Foster the nurse-patient connection with an intuitive wall mount design that’s easy to maintain and adapts to changing workflows.

  • Easy patient interaction
  • Ergonomic height-adjustment
  • Concealed cable management
  • Flexible, modular design

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CareFit Combo Wall Mount System

A new documentation experience at the point of care

  • One-handed screen sharing for patient engagement
  • Full unit moves together with a light touch
  • Space-saving design easily folds when not in use.
  • Convenient access to scanner and RFID badge reader
CareFit Combo Wall Mount Features Graphic
CareFit Combo Wall Mount Profile Graphic

Point of care comfort, streamlined design

Healthcare worker

Renewed control over individual workflows and health helps nurses facilitate efficient documentation and foster patient relationships.

IT teams

Hidden cable management and simple cord access makes it easy for IT teams to maintain or upgrade workstations so they can efficiently get the job done.

CareFit Combo In Motion


CareFit Combo in Motion: Extendability

In addition to offering a full 20" (51 cm) sit-to-stand height adjustment range, the CareFit Combo has an impressive reach. Add the extender accessory for an additional 19" (48 cm) of reach when fully extended.

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CareFit Combo in Motion: Flexibility

With many options for positioning the workstation and display exactly where it's needed, the versatile and ergonomic CareFit Combo supports personal interactions between caregivers and patients.

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CareFit Combo in Motion: Accessibility

Placing the display and accessories exactly where they're needed is key to working comfortably. The tilt feature, plus RFID employee badge reader, incorporate ergonomic design features to help improve workflows.

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CareFit Combo in Motion: Configurability

As demands change, workstations must adapt to the needs of caregivers. The modular CareFit Combo can be configured with a variety of accessories to accommodate dynamic technologies and your unique workflows.

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Enable an efficient documentation experience for nurses at the point of care with concealed cable management that promotes infection control, serviceability and uptime for IT teams.

Work Vibrantly

We’re helping caregivers work vibrantly.

When every workstation and workflow helps re-energize caregivers? That’s working vibrantly. It’s time to put caregivers first with ergonomic workstation innovations that adapt to every person, space and workflow.

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CareFit Pro

Advanced architecture

  • Expansive height-adjustment range
  • Fully-enclosed technology and cabling
  • Built-in hot swap battery capability
  • Multiple accessories fit your workflows

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Our full-featured cart

An intuitive dashboard fits your workflows—one of the many caregiver-focused innovations.

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Innovative design for every shift

Untethered productivity

CareFit Pro helps relieve caregiver burnout and inspire meaningful patient experiences. It’s highly customizable to adapt to specific workflows, so nurses can attend to patients, not technology.

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Versatile access and storage

Customizable drawer configurations

From dispensing medication to storing essential supplies, drawers keep your items organized and always within reach. Enhanced security through Imprivata® Identity Access Management with locking drawers to help keep medications secure.

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Fit for Caregivers

With a modern look, personalized height and screen adjustment and intuitively placed features, this medical cart uses the latest technology to support caregiver well-being and keep the focus on patient care. The full-featured design enables untethered productivity and unprecedented mobility with long-lasting, dependable power to navigate each shift.

CareFit Pro Fit for Caregivers

CareFit Pro for Caregivers

Untethered productivity and unprecedented mobility

  • Offers 22” of height adjustment using manual Constant Force™ Technology or electric lift
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces and cable management help protect against hospital-acquired infections
  • 5-inch, dual casters let caregivers move easily from room-to-room
  • Supports a wide range of accessories that easily click-in without having to remove previously installed accessories

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CareFit Slim

Fits your people, workflows and environments

  • Short, tall or average clinicians can work comfortably and effectively—no matter their stature
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to move wherever work takes you around the facility
  • Fits tightly against a wall to free up valuable space when not in use

LiFeKinnex™ Power System

Alleviate power anxiety with this innovative battery power system designed to support multiple workflows, including hot swap or on-cart charging. The three-part system, including the battery, power module and optional external charger, minimizes downtime by monitoring the battery with an LCD screen and using the unique magnetic connection feature for an easy swapping process.

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LiFeKinnex Power System

LiFeKinnex Power System

LiFeKinnex Logo

Say goodbye
to power anxiety

245 Wh battery

A charging workflow
you can count on

LiFeKinnex 4-Bay Charger

Keep tabs on battery life
with the light bar indicator

LiFeKinnex 4-Bay Charger

CareFit Wall Enclosure

Caregivers can work comfortably while saving space in crowded patient rooms or hallways with this low-profile, wall-mount workstation. It folds when not in use to open up more space for the best patient care. Cable management keeps cords organized and easy to clean, and interchangeable laminate options enhance your healthcare designs.

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CareFit Wall Enclosure

CareFit Low Profile Wall Enclosure

CareFit Logo

Low-profile design
enhances healing spaces

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Designed for your ever-changing workflows, our comprehensive portfolio of ergonomic medical wall mounts, carts, desk mounts and service is ready to support your entire facility.

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