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Home Office

Professional-grade monitor arms and adjustable desk converters bring comfort and productivity to home workspaces.

Healthy Working from Home

Small surface, big benefits: This sit-stand desk converter can transform your home office.

Healthy Working with the WorkFit-Z Mini

Technology allows us to be more mobile than ever. But working on phones, tablets and laptops causes people to sit half their day. Add movement to your work routine with the WorkFit-Z Mini, a super simple-to-use standing desk converter for home or office work spaces.

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Monitor Mounts

A VESA-mount monitor arm or monitor stand puts you in control of your home workspace: Position your body for comfortable posture. Eliminate clutter and increase usable desk area. Be collaborative and boost productivity. Ergotron offers a wide selection of VESA-mount solutions to fit your unique needs.

Monitor mounts for home office

Desk Converters

Don’t just rethink where you work. Rethink how you work by adding sit-stand movement to your home workspace. Even in small areas, you can increase options for where you position equipment, improve your workflow and (best of all) feel better while you work. Find the sit-stand desk converter that’s right for you.

Adjustable-Height Desk at Home

Work From Home Brochure

See how our broad portfolio of professional-grade designs can help you stay comfortable, productive and healthy at home.

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5 Ways to Add Movement to a Work from Home Routine

Opinions abound about how to work best at home, especially during these unprecedented times. Our advice is simple: Move More.

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Configure Your Home Workspace

Staying comfortable as you work starts with ergonomics. Evaluate the layout of your space to begin configuring a work area that works for you.

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