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Wall Desks

Make the most of your space with a folding, adjustable wall desk that’s easy to use and frees up your room.

The Benefits of an Adjustable Wall Desk

A well-designed wall desk serves several functions in multipurpose rooms, like three desks in one…

A spacing-saving folding Murphy desk

A Murphy desk features a desktop that can be folded down when not in use. This flexibility provides options for how surrounding space can be used, a valuable feature for accommodating today’s hybrid work schedules. In the home or corporate office, flex space can transform based on your needs.

An ergonomic standing wall desk

For computing comfort, consider ergonomics. A wall desk should place your keyboard at an appropriate height and distance, and ideally it will accommodate monitor screen adjustment, too. To further maximize ergonomics and productivity, sit-to-stand adjustment is key—the adjustment should be easy and fast. Difficulty or slow movement can discourage use. With adjustable desktop height, multiple people can use the same desk comfortably.

A wall desk with built-in outlets

Though easy to overlook, power management for computer equipment is critical. Cable clutter is more than unsightly—it can interfere with tasks and even present a potential hazard. A wall desk should have a method of routing cords and storing adapters. If outlets are integrated into the unit itself, this makes the cable configuration that much more efficient.