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Ready to reimagine your workplace design?

Improve the return-to-office experience

Employees are more willing to return to the office post-pandemic if their company provides workspaces that facilitate focused work, collaboration and wellness.

Focus on Work Graphic

48% report the main reason to be in the office is to focus on work

Mental Health Graphic

62% of employees that work in enhanced workspaces have seen improvements in their mental health, versus 36% who have improved mental health in non-enhanced offices

Employee Burnout Graphic

Human-centric offices and mindful products help combat employee burnout—one of Google’s most-searched terms in 2022

Embrace activity-based workflows

Rethinking office furniture means adapting to different users and workflows; products should be flexible, accommodate a variety of technology, and can be adjusted to fit a broad range of users.
~ Anne Petschel
Director, Segment Marketing Workspace, Ergotron

Foster collaboration and support employee wellness

Our flexible workplace solutions adapt to each person, project or space to support a comfortable and productive workday.

Monitor Mounts

A great workspace solution to promote comfort and productivity.

Explore TRACE™

Sit-Stand Desks

Infuse workspaces with movement to support employee well-being.

Explore WorkFit-TL

Mobile Workstations

Adjust to changing workflows to support autonomy and collaboration.

Explore LearnFit

Choose design that helps employees work vibrantly

When considering an office redesign, it’s important to engage with employees about their preferred workstyles and schedules. Ergotron has compiled all the resources you need to create spaces that help employees work vibrantly in our eBook, The Evolving Office.

Remote work has a significant impact on employee well-being. Based on a survey of 1,000 office workers, The Evolving Office eBook explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizations should take a hard look at the workplace as a tool. They have to ask, ‘How does this space help support the work that we do, how does it help us achieve our goals, and how does it enable us to have a healthy work environment where people can thrive?’
~ Bob Fox
Founder of Work Design Magazine and Corporate Principal of D.C.-based Fox Architects

Prioritize ergonomics for a healthier work environment

Healthy, active workdays benefit from ergonomic solutions designed for flexibility and adaptability. Ergotron can support your initiative with this list of ergonomics tips and a portfolio of professional-grade solutions designed to support neutral posture, voluntary motion, and rest time.

1. Neutral posture

Neutral posture

Workspace furniture should feel comfortable and put minimal stress on the body.

2. Voluntary motion

Voluntary motion

Movement is essential to ergonomics because it reduces strain and improves blood circulation.

3. Rest time

Rest time

Workstations should be designed to avoid repetitive stress and promote quick, regular breaks.

Ready to reimagine your workplace design?

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