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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions. For questions not answered here, contact an Ergotron representative for assistance.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this site, contact Ergotron. We have many other products available, and our Customer Care team is ready to help find the right solution for you.
Durable and adaptable product design translates to long-term use (not disposal) of our products. Furthermore, when you invest in an Ergotron mounting solution, you are getting a product that complies with all international environmental regulations related to its design, manufacture and packaging. Read more about Ergotron’s environmental initiatives.
If you need assistance with an Ergotron product, you may be asked for its Serial or Work Order Number. First check your user guide or installation manual to find the location of the ID label on your product. Since February 2016, all manuals include this reference. If you cannot find this reference in your manual, you can try this document—ID Label Locations—which covers older products and installations.
Ergotron is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that concern human health and environmental risk. Read more about Ergotron’s Environmental compliance.
Warranty information specific to a given SKU is included on each Product Details page (check under Tech Specs). You can also visit our Warranty Policy page for details.
Some Ergotron products have been used successfully in clean room operations. Contact your Ergotron representative for more information.
In certain circumstances, you may evaluate a StyleView Cart for a period of 45 days. Contact your Ergotron sales representative to learn more about Ergotron’s evaluation program.

This information is available on our Contact page.

The CE marking may only be placed on a product that falls under one or more of the directives that address the basis for placing a CE marking on a product. Ergotron arm and pivot products do not fall under the definition of machinery as defined in directive BS EN 292 of CE or any other directives.
The CE directive BS EN 292 does not apply to non-powered equipment such as Ergotron products. Since our products can only be used to position devices where the operator provides all moving force (meaning that the motion of the product will stop immediately when the operator ceases to apply force to the product), our products do not fall under the definition of machinery as defined in BS EN 292. The CE directive’s definition of a “machine” implies that it has controls available to an operator that instigate powered-operation (whether it be pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or electrical), which results in motion. Consequently, there is no CE Marking on Ergotron equipment.