Calculate the benefits of an advanced workspace

Create a healthier workspace and a healthier you. Use these tools to assess your situation, find the ideal product suited for you and then personalize your computing environment. To further maximize the benefits of your workspace, check out these Tips & Tricks.

Ergonomics & Workspace Tools

Ergonomic Workspace Assessment Graphic

Workspace Assessment

Ergonomic Equation Graphic

The Ergonomic Equation

Workspace Planner Graphic

Workspace Planner

Ergonomic Errors Graphic

Find the Ergonomic Errors

Health & Wellness Calculators

Calorie-Burn Calculator Graphic

Calorie-Burn Calculator

Sitting-Time Calculator Graphic

Sitting-Time Calculator

Ergonomic Payback Calculator Graphic

WorkFit Payback Calculator

Virtual Tours

Education Virtual Tour Graphic

Education Virtual Tour

Healthcare Virtual Tour Graphic

Healthcare Virtual Tour


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