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Enovate est désormais intégrée à Ergotron

HCAI Preapproved Products

Formerly known as OSHPD

Based on 2013 California Building Code, Ergotron has Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) Preapproval of Manufacturer’s Certification (OPM) numbers for installing our wall mount products in hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout California. HCAI was previously named the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The OPM Certification is a voluntary program for review and preapproval of seismic design of supports and attachments for nonstructural components to be used in health facilities construction in California.

What is HCAI?

In response to the 1971 Sylmar earthquake—which caused several hospitals to collapse, endangering the lives of their patients and hampering their ability to provide emergency care to the injured—the State of California passed the Alfred E. Alquist Hospital Seismic Safety Act. Since 1973, all hospital construction has been governed by this legislation. The act preempts local building departments to ensure statewide uniformity in healthcare facility construction. The standards help ensure:

  • Patient safety during an earthquake
  • Facilities can continue to function and care for the injured after earthquakes

As a result, HCAI is responsible for overseeing all aspects of construction for general acute care and psychiatric hospitals, as well as multi-story skilled nursing homes and intermediate care facilities in California.

How does this apply?

Although HCAI is a requirement specific to the state of California, other western states such as Utah, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Nevada have also started looking into seismic requirements. These HCAI Preapprovals are also compliant with the Japan Acceptance Criteria AC-156. AC-156 is the standard test for certification for international earthquake resistance as developed by the International Code Council.

What is new since Ergotron’s original HCAI Preapproval?

All of our 2007 and 2010 OPAs have been updated to the 2013 California Building Code. Most of our products like the StyleView Combo Arms, 200 Combo Arms, LX Wall Mount Systems, StyleView Vertical Lifts and StyleView Enclosures are now included. In fact, just about any Ergotron wall mount product that can attach to our Wall Track is available as an HCAI preapproved solution. In addition, we’ve added our wall mount charging enclosure products and the low profile and tilting large screen TV/monitor wall mounts.

Ergotron’s OPMs are based on the different mounting configurations we support:

OPM # Applicable wall mount configuration


Styleview Sit-Stand Vertical Lifts


StyleView Sit-Stand Combo Arm with Worksurface
Note: Includes Wall Track in “worst case” configuration, establishing preapproval for other standard wall-mount products utilizing Wall Track


StyleView VL Enclosure


VL Wall Mount


Tablet Management & Universal Tablet 12 Wall Mounts


Glide HD & Glide VHD


Low Profile/Low Profile-XL & Tilting/Tilting-XL Wall Mounts


JUV/WorkFit Elevate Wall Desks


CareFit Wall Enclosure

Products Included in HCAI Preapproval

Wall Track – Most Ergotron wall-mountable products that can attach to our standard Wall Track (worst-case configuration is based on the StyleView Sit-Stand Combo Arm with Worksurface and Extension, OPM #0121-13).

  • Direct to metal/woods studs that are spaced 16" on center

Tablet Management & Universal Wall Mount Enclosures

Glide Wall Mounts

JUV and WorkFit Sit-Stand Wall Desks

Low Profile/Low Profile-XL & Tilting/Tilting-XL Wall Mounts

StyleView Vertical Lift

  • Internal solution only

StyleView Enclosures

  • Stud mounted only (assumes metal/wood studs are 16" on center). Not offered as an external solution

All the above OPM configurations can be mounted to the following wall structures:

  • Metal/steel studs
  • Wood studs