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Enovate Medical Is Now Part of Ergotron

PowerShuttle® Technology

Enable Safe and Fast Charging for Laptops and Tablets

Ergotron’s PowerShuttle technology is a patented control system in many of our charging carts and cabinets that supports quick, efficient and safe device charging to give you peace of mind.

How PowerShuttle Works

In a test, our charging cart with PowerShuttle Technology charged up to 40% faster than our competitor’s round robin charging cart. It also doesn’t require manually switching between outlets or adjusting timers. Using just one power cord to the wall, PowerShuttle can charge up to 40 devices.


Current Monitoring

A sensor constantly measures current coming into the cart
This ensures the correct current limit is applied per regional requirements; the sensor remains vigilant so the current never exceeds circuit limits.
Classroom Engagement

In-Rush Protection

A microprocessor eases current to devices when cart is switched on
This helps avoid power spikes—and concurrent damage to device circuitry—while preventing nuisance tripping of site circuit breakers.
Academic Performance

Measured Processing

PowerShuttle manages current between wall and devices
If current from the wall might exceed the cart’s limit, device outlets are immediately divided into groups. As devices reach full charge, they draw less current until all device outlets can be “on,” minimizing charge time.

The Broadest and Best Selection

Certification for charging carts

Certification Matters

Ergotron charging systems have redundant safety features, because the individual components AND the entire integrated product are fully certified and listed to UL standards. With safety certification, you need not worry about electrical, fire or physical hazards common to competitive brands that are unlisted.

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The best charging carts

The System for You

Ergotron has the broadest and best selection of systems, with charging solutions for any mobile device: iPad, Chromebook, tablets, laptops and more. We can help you find the perfect cart, wall mount or desktop cabinet to fit your space and workflow requirements. Download the ChargeFit™️ Brochure.

ChargeFit Brochure