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Transform sedentary office environments into active spaces that promote productivity and well-being for all workers.

TRACE Monitor Mount

The Ergotron Difference

Compare how WorkFit® stands up against the competition.

The Ergotron Difference: WorkFit Professional Grade

Moving more at work should be easy, comfortable and safe. That’s why our professional-grade products undergo rigorous testing that leads the industry to ensure you have access to a quality sit-stand solution that lasts. Learn more

Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Traditional work environments have a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but our mounts and adjustable desks adapt each space to the individual.

Championing Sustainability at L’Oréal’s New HQ

Global beauty company L’Óreal designed their new Madrid and Lisbon headquarters with LX Monitor Arms, keeping employee well-being and sustainability top of mind.

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Ergonomics Made Easy

Ergonomics can get complex fast, which is why we simplify it with tools and resources to help you find your best workspace fit.

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Work Vibrantly

We surveyed 1,000 office workers about how they were impacted by the pandemic. View the insights to learn how to empower your teams to work vibrantly.

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Bring Movement Into Your Workplace

Research shows that adding movement like standing during the workday has far-reaching benefits for employee health, wellness, productivity and satisfaction. This can have a positive impact on your corporate culture and your healthcare costs. Use the resources below to build a movement culture at your workplace.

Bring Movement Into Your Workplace

Adopt new approaches that encourage movement. Whether it’s standing during conference calls, walking meetings or sit-stand workstations, employers can embrace movement for a positive impact on employee health and productivity.

Enhance Productivity

Enhance Productivity

Employee productivity is mutually beneficial. An employee’s ability to be productive throughout the day is a key factor to achieving work-life balance, while employee efficiency is the lifeblood of an organization. A movement-friendly workplace can make a big difference it only takes 10 minutes of movement to increase mental focus.

Improve Mood and Satisfaction

Improve Mood and Satisfaction

Happy employees foster a more positive work environment and company culture. Today, culture is critical to talent acquisition and retention. 57 percent of job seekers say benefits and perks are among their top considerations when looking for a new job.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Movement-friendly workspaces – that include sit-stand workstations, ergonomic equipment or even promote activities like standing meetings – can help those in pain reduce or reverse their problems, and help those that are healthy stay that way. An added bonus of keeping employees active and healthy is reduced healthcare costs for employers.

For Business Leaders

For Business Leaders

  • Share your vision with the executive team—sit-stand workstations help attract and retain top talent
  • Add employee wellness to performance reports, to healthcare costs and improve productivity
  • Support changes and facility improvements that make it safer and more convenient to move throughout day
  • Lead the culture change—use your sit-stand workstation to conduct walking meetings
  • See how quickly a sit-stand workstation pays for itself—use our Ergonomic Payback Calculator
For Employees

For Employees

  • Practice the sit-stand switch: every 30 minutes; alternate between sitting and standing
  • Stand up when someone comes to your desk to talk about a project
  • Incorporate stretching or simple exercises into both seated and standing positions
  • Conduct standing or walking meetings with team members
  • Want a sit-stand desk in your office? Download our WorkFit Tool Kit
For Human Resources

For Human Resources

  • Add sit-stand workstations to your corporate wellness programming
  • Educate employees on the many perks of moving more
  • Create a standard process for ordering and installing units
  • Design programs to help employees adjust to a movement mindset
  • Interested in learning how sit-stand interventions can make a difference in your office? Watch our webinar: Building a Business Case for Sit-Stand at Work

Did You Know?

The AMA Recognizes the Risks

Medical associations, like the American Medical Association (AMA) recognize the risks of prolonged sitting and adopted new policy that encourage businesses to offer alternatives to sitting all day, such as standing workstations, isometric balls, and more to encourage healthier movement throughout the workday.

Absenteeism Costs Around $150 Billion

More employee activity can have an impact on absenteeism and presenteeism as well as healthcare costs: Absenteeism can cost employers around $150 billion per year. Presenteeism can cost employers around $1,500 billion per year.

Save $2,500 Annually

Employees who incorporate low-level activity throughout the day can save their companies an average of $2,500 in annual health care expenses relating to cardiovascular disease.

Enhanced Collaboration

A movement-friendly office can enhance collaboration: Sit-stand workstation users (particularly those ages 20-30) report being more likely to engage in face-time with coworkers than those using traditional sit-only workstations.

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