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Enovate Medical Is Now Part of Ergotron


Mobile Workstations

Move your computer wherever you need it with a mobile workspace that adjusts to your environment and routine.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Workstations

Work doesn’t have to happen in one place. Each employee and role are different, which is why portable workstations are a must-have solution in today’s workplace. Employees can choose to stay in their assigned area or take a mobile workspace to a new location for collaboration or a simple energy boost.

A mobile computer workstation offers flexibility

Rolling workstations fit any application:

  • Portable workstations keep technology and documentation nearby in warehouses and manufacturing
  • Educators can use mobile workspaces in classrooms as all-in-one platforms for technology and teaching
  • In the office, adjustable workstations allow employees to choose the best spot to tackle each project

Accessorize a mobile workspace to match your technology profile. Like workstations on wheels, computer carts or mobile desks, they support laptops, desktop PCs and all-in-one computers, as well as tablets and other smart devices.

A sit-stand workstation is an ergonomic choice

These height-adjustable workstations easily raise or lower to allow switching between standing and sitting. As a stand up workstation, employees can sharpen their focus and enhance their productivity before taking a rest break in a seated position. Intuitive adjustment makes mobile workspaces a versatile addition to any area to promote a healthy, ergonomic work style.