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Enovate Medical Is Now Part of Ergotron

eKinnex™ Software

Innovative tools for IT pros

Support the best performance and the best care with your medical cart fleet.

Cloud-based technology

Proactive fleet management for modern healthcare

Healthcare staff learn to expect the unexpected. eKinnex adds reliability by allowing your IT team to centrally manage your medical cart fleet to keep your carts ready when they’re needed most.

  • Secure web-based software monitors your fleet in real time, helping reduce downtime
  • User-friendly portal provides key insights into drawer access, battery life and more
  • Proactively tracks cart health so you can streamline service and maintenance
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Reduce Downtime

Proactive monitoring

eKinnex monitors battery life and other key metrics in real time so you get the most uptime from your fleet. When a mobile workstation requires service or attention, your IT staff receive notifications with key details that help eliminate guesswork and time-consuming checks.

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Maximize Battery Life

Get the most from your investment

Understanding how your carts are used and when will help you determine the right time for battery replacements. That means less unnecessary (and costly!) battery replacements so you get the most out of your battery investment.

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Data Security

Keep patient information safe

Data and security is a top priority for every healthcare organization. The cloud-based software operates separately from patient records, reducing concerns with HIPAA compliance to help keep patient information secure.

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