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Wall Mounts

Add flexibility and ergonomics with a VESA monitor wall mount or computer wall mount that is both safe and secure.

How to Choose a Monitor Wall Mount

When deciding which monitor wall mount is right for you, consider these essential factors…

A light or heavy duty monitor wall mount?

This is a question of capacity. Simply put, how much weight can the wall mount hold? People often look at screen size, but with single monitor wall mounts, it is display weight that matters, not screen size.

Monitor depth

Capacity is not always so simple. Another factor is the monitor’s depth. When it is extra deep, the center of gravity pushes out farther. This increases torque on the tilting pivot and lowers the mount’s holding capacity. An example is the Samsung® Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor. Though roughly just 28 lbs (12.7 kg), it proves too much for many mounts rated for that weight. Why? Its 1000R curved screen is 12" deep, effectively creating a load more than 50% greater than its nominal weight. In this case, choose a monitor wall mount specially made for the Samsung Odyssey G9.

Whatever your display, use our Mount Finder to verify compatibility with any monitor wall mount. It accounts for a display’s weight and depth as well as its VESA interface, taking the guess work out of your decision.

Location, location, location

Take time to survey your wall real estate because where you plan to install a monitor wall mount is critical. No matter a mount’s weight capacity and build quality, it could fail if not securely attached, resulting in damage and even potential injury. Make your choice contingent on the mount’s suitability for your installation.

Check the mount’s manual to ensure it can install where and how you intend. If installing to hollow wall, locate the stud and take care to fasten the mount to its center—use long coarse-thread screws that will go deep into the stud. Consider extra support like an Ergotron Wall Track accessory, especially when center alignment on a hollow-wall stud is not feasible or where the display will extend far from the wall.