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Create active learning environments for students and teachers to drive collaboration, focus and positive academic performance

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Watch video interviews about the difference standing can make, helping address physical and cognitive challenges experienced by students in what is often a sedentary environment: the classroom.

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Smart mounting, mobility and management solutions for the entire school. Move through the campus to see the selection of products best suited to different areas.

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Webinar: Why Teachers Use Standing Desks

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear firsthand two teachers’ experiences implementing mobile standing desks into their classrooms.

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Ergotron’s broad portfolio of products can be an essential part of the technology platform that supports dynamic learning environments.

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Starting the LearnFit Conversation

Three questions to ask about physical literacy and classroom design. Great for PTA/PTO meetings.

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Save time with Ergotron’s expert installation and maintenance for our mounting, mobility and workstation products. Contact us for technical support or for details about service options.

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School adds standing desks to classrooms

Get Students Standing

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TeachWell to the Rescue

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LearnFit: Personalized, Flexible Classrooms

In the News

Jan 2018 Lithia Springs Elementary Students ‘Stand Up’ for Healthy Living
A group of Lithia Springs Elementary School fifth grade math students abandons traditional classroom setting for an initiative to promote healthy living.
Publisher: Osprey Observer
Aug 2017 Cutting-Edge Schools Show How Education Is Everyone's Business
Looking for what’s cutting edge in education today? Forbes suggests considering the Ergotron LearnFit.
Publisher: Forbes
Jun 2017 Pottstown High School students rise up with standing desks to improve classroom engagement
Students helped to install their new sit-stand desks after the school won them in a Let’s Move! Active Schools essay contest.
Publisher: Berks-Mont News
May 2017 Montco HS Equips Classroom With Standing Desks, Touts Student Improvements
Advocates say that Pottstown students using the desks are implementing a “whole body learning approach” and are seeing improved performance.
Publisher: Pottstown Patch
May 2017 Pottstown wins national essay contest, gets 30 sit-stand classroom desks
Pottstown High School students showed how standing instead of sitting can make all the difference when it comes to education.
Publisher: The Mercury Lifestyle
May 2017 Updates to Learning Spaces Make Schools Future-Ready
More flexible learning environments are important for improving student outcomes.
Publisher: EdTech
May 2017 Take a Stand
Educators are discovering that they get greater connectivity and agility in the classroom with standing desks.
Publisher: The Educator
Apr 2017 Standing Up for Learning
Classrooms are incorporating options that create learning micro-ecosystems that best fit student needs and a healthy lifestyle. One way this is taking shape is through implementation of sit-stand desks.
Publisher: The Learning Council
Sep 2016 Standing desks making big impact at Providence school
When it comes time to hit the books, some prefer to do so standing instead of sitting. A school has been ditching chairs thanks to a donation of standing desks.
Publisher: WPRI Eyewitness News, RI
Jan 2016 Stand up desk trend hits Andover High
Sit or stand? Some students at Andover High School have the option after teacher Richard Wilkie launched an experiment with Ergotron LearnFit desks.
Publisher: Fox 9 News, MN
Dec 2015 School adds standing desks to classrooms
An Alexandria, Virginia, school adds standing desks to its middle school classrooms to improve students’ focus and increase their physical activity.
Publisher: CNN
Dec 2015 Pupils told to stand up in class as activity study expands
A class at a Bradford primary school in the UK is the first in the country to test out new custom-made desks which could lead pupils to become more active.
Publisher: Telegraph & Argus
Sep 2015 School Debuts Standing Desks for Classrooms
Alexandria Country Day School greeted students upon their return from summer vacation with a unique addition to their classrooms: Standing desks.
Publisher: Old Town Alexandria Patch
Aug 2015 Stand up and be counted
A study from Loughborough University reveals that standing desks in schools could help tackle the problem of sedentary behaviour in kids.
Publisher: Independent Education Today
Jul 2015 Standing desks at schools: The solution to the childhood obesity epidemic?
Schools in a growing number of jurisdictions are experimenting with the once-faddish, now commonplace tool of the modern office dweller: the standing desk.
May 2015 To Sit or To Stand, that is the question!
Since the beginning of time—or at least school—kids were told to stay in their seats and not fidget... some schools are questioning that philosophy.
Publisher: California Educator (California Teachers Association)
Apr 2015 LearnFit standing desk inspires healthy habits for students
One fifth-grader said she remains focused doing work at her desk while some classmates fidget. What’s her secret? The answer is simple—she never sits down.
Apr 2015 Standing Desks Simplify Collaboration & Get Kids Excited to Learn
A Florida elementary school reports students were more focused and better engaged while using standing desks during class.
Publisher: K-12 Tech Decisions
Mar 2015 Standing Desks Improve Attention And Energy In California Public School
Sitting still at a desk can be agony for school kids... It may sound counterintuitive, but sitting all day may make it harder to listen, think and absorb content.
Publisher: CBS KPIX, SF Bay Area