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Tools to help manage Ergotron products

Check below for applications designed to optimize uptime of your medical cart fleet.

StyleLink™ SKY and StyleLink SKY Pro

Cloud-based fleet management for StyleView carts

Harness the power of the cloud to monitor and manage your fleet of StyleView carts. Sky uses a secure, web-based software application that is coupled with endpoint clients on local machines, creating an intuitive and easy-to-scale framework that provides real-time insight into the status and health of your carts. Coming Soon!

Questions about our legacy StyleLink software? Please contact customer care for support.

StyleView Keypad for Windows®

Windows PC-based pin code entry for convenient drawer access on Ergotron StyleView SV43/44 Carts.

This application includes support for all StyleView SV43/44 medical carts and provides these features:

  • Provides user access functions from an integrated PC for StyleView 43/44 drawers.
  • Inputs accepted from mouse, number pad, and touch screen.

Note:   Application does not currently provide access to master pin/administrative functions.

Software Download

Software download requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later along with .NET Framework 4.
Both the drawer(s) and integrated computer must be connected to the cart's USB hub for this application to control the drawers.

Get StyleView Keypad

StyleView SV43/44 Firmware

This firmware release includes support for these double drawer accessories:

This firmware release provides these additional features and fixes:

  • A new configuration option that causes all drawers to unlock when any user PIN has been entered. The “drawer open” alarm still sounds. (When the Pharmacy PIN has been entered, the “drawer open” alarm is disabled.)
  • Removes the requirement to select a drawer to open when there is only one drawer installed.
  • The “alarm mute” setting is no longer reset when the drawer controller loses power.

Software Download

Software download requires Microsoft Windows XP or later along with .NET Framework 4.

Warning:  Installing this firmware update will reset your cart to its default factory settings.
  • The Master PIN, all User PINs*, the Pharmacy PIN, and “alarm mute” setting will be reset to factory defaults.
  • Any custom settings that have been applied to the cart will need to be reprogrammed.

* If your PINs are deployed through StyleLink Enterprise, User PINs should not need to be reprogrammed.


Wi-Fi Application

Wi-Fi Application

Keep your LiFeKinnex system connected

LiFeKinnex’s Wi-Fi compatibility was developed to increase the operational efficiency of your system. This app enables wireless connectivity, allowing the latest firmware updates to be easily applied. From the app’s interface on the cart’s onboard computer, you can also monitor battery performance.