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COVID-19 Resources

Returning to the Office, Remaining at Home

As we move forward in this uncertain time, these resources will help you and your team work comfortably, productively, and safely. Together with our new Vaccination Cart and UV Angel® partnership, we continue to innovate ways for emerging stronger in the weeks and months ahead.

COVID-19 Resources

Maintaining Healthy Communities

With changing shelter-in-place restrictions, businesses and organizations may adopt new safeguards to protect public health. Our Vaccination Cart empowers organizations to become a part of the solution for the COVID-19 pandemic with access to the right tools for mass vaccinations inside and outside clinic walls.

  • Convenient, secure storage drawer provides access to essential supplies to help curb the spread of infection with a worksurface and front tray for preparation or cooler storage
  • Optional hot swap battery technology for uninterrupted workflows
  • Compact mobile cart travels to where it’s needed and fits in small spaces
  • Quick and accurate tracking with the scanner bracket
  • Monitor & scanner not included. Hot swap requires LiFeKinnex Power System

Our Thermal Imaging Cart allows for non-invasive temperature checks in spaces where people gather, including office buildings, public transportation areas, sports buildings and other public environments. Mount your preferred thermal imaging camera to bring quick temperature measurement wherever it’s needed.

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Thermal Imaging Cart

Thermal Imaging Cart

Thermal Imaging Cart

Quickly detect a temperature in high-traffic public areas, offices, manufacturing facilities, healthcare centers or other locations with our mobile thermal imaging cart. Mount your preferred thermal imaging camera—facing forward or backward—or other telehealth equipment to bring quick temperature measurement wherever it’s needed.

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Supporting Infection Control

Healthcare organizations are working hard to provide the best and safest experience for their patients and staff. Shouldn’t their technology do the same?

Automated Pathogen Reduction

Ergotron and UV Angel have partnered to create a proprietary UV-C light workstation technology that helps reduce the transmission of pathogens spread on healthcare workstations, such as StyleView® Medical Carts.

Cleaning Ergotron Healthcare Equipment

Sanitation is always a high priority for healthcare facilities, but now it’s more important than ever. To support infection control, check out these recommendations to keep Ergotron healthcare equipment clean and sanitized. Always consult an infection control administrator or epidemiologist for guidance on cleaning procedures and processes.

Estamos aquí para ayudar

Si necesita ayuda para determinar la solución de oficina para sus necesidades, nuestros representantes expertos pueden ayudarle. Puede enviarnos por correo electrónico una foto de su espacio y nuestro equipo le ayudará con sus recomendaciones.

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El desafío del distanciamiento social

Los trabajadores pueden empezar a regresar lentamente a la oficina, mientras que algunos pueden seguir trabajando desde casa a tiempo completo o parcial. Estos espacios de trabajo flexibles se pueden reconfigurar fácilmente para cada persona o proyecto para que coincida con la fluidez de los tiempos actuales.