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Adopt a Hybrid Workstyle

Meet the unique needs of employees wherever they work

Support healthy work environments for hybrid teams by creating adaptable office and home spaces that promote comfort, collaboration and safe spacing.

Work Anywhere

Keep Rolling with Mobile Desk

Mobile Desk

Move to work or learn anywhere you find inspiration, from individual workspaces to conference rooms to classrooms. Sit or stand to instantly collaborate with your peers with a height-adjustable worksurface.

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Popular Picks for Adaptable Spaces

Sit-Stand Mobile Desk

Mobile Desk

- Mobilize Work -
Embrace an active workstyle for flexibility and collaboration

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Adjustable Monitor Mount

TRACE Monitor Mount

- Shape a New Experience -
Adjust to how each computer user works and feels best

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WF Adjustable Office Chair

WF Chair

- Fit the Person - Complete an ergonomic space with near infinite seat-positioning support

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Hybrid Office Brochure Graphic

Hybrid Office Brochure

Most employees desire a hybrid schedule, with more than 80% preferring a hybrid model, according to Accenture research. Give employees the flexibility they desire with home and office environments that make work time productive and enjoyable.


Creating a Movement Mindset

Learn how to use movement to support holistic health both at home and in the office.

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Was Your Open Office Killing Collaboration?

Many promises of the open office have fallen short. Fix it before employees return.

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Boost Employee Wellness

Develop Effective Workspaces: A business leader’s guide to promoting workforce productivity and well-being.

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WorkFit-Z Mini Sit Stand Desk Converter
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We can recommend the best solution for your space!

Products for Corporate Offices

Make the most of in-office time with adaptable solutions that enable collaboration or focused work, while giving remote colleagues a virtual seat at the table.

Products for Home Workspaces

Enable the same level of productivity at home with or without a dedicated space. Provide easy movement, more work area and the flexibility to work from any room.