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Embracing Movement at Work – A three-part series by Betsey Banker, CWWPM, CWWS, Ergotron Wellness Vertical Manager in which she discusses the dangers of excessive sitting, the science supporting standing, and the value of adopting a movement-friendly workstyle.


Anatomy of A Sit-Stand Company – Discover how workplace wellness and productivity is impacted by workstations, whether movement-friendly or not in a new Ergotron survey.
Standing Desks! How and Why Educators Are Using Them – Improve Your Students’ Health, Behavior, and Achievement Through Movement: Hear firsthand two teachers’ experiences implementing mobile standing desks into their classrooms.
Building A Business Case for Sit-Stand Work – Focuses on helping HR and wellness professionals understand the reasons why standing at work is gaining popularity and how to make a business case for sit-stand solutions.
School Moves! How to Improve Your Students’ Health, Behavior, and Achievement Through Movement – Presents the positive impact of nondisruptive physical activity in the classroom.