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LearnFit® Pilot Program

Kids are meant to move!

“The best posture is the next posture.” That is the guiding principle behind LearnFit – keep the body moving and don’t be sedentary and static. A standing student’s body is constantly making subconscious micro adjustments and is in motion, and this low-level physical activity directly impacts metabolic health, which leads to improvements in student engagement.

Standing desks for schools at a discount

Schools can obtain LearnFit Desks at a pilot project discount of up to 60% off list price. More details are available on the LearnFit Pilot Program flyer.

How it works

  • Contact your Ergotron field representative
  • Discuss the scope of the pilot project and opportunity
  • Click the “Login & Register” button below to register your pilot program

Program details

  • Limited to one promotional order per school district or university
  • Up to 30 LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks, all shipped to one location and in one shipment
  • Budget for classroom furniture in next 12–18 months
  • School districts with 2,500+ students or universities with 5,000+ students
LearnFit in the Classroom

Login & Register
(and then click the LearnFit tab)

Discussion Points for Project Approval

When reviewing your project with your Ergotron representative, please be prepared to discuss the following aspects of this request:

  • Estimated project budget and rollout time period
  • Estimated number of LearnFits for final purchase
  • Number of LearnFits for pilot
  • LearnFit pilot period
  • Objectives of the pilot project
  • Impact and usability study requirements
  • The titles and roles of your customer contacts, and their purchasing authority in the area
LearnFit in the Classroom