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Ergotron Deal Registration

Register Your Opportunity For Pricing Advantages

Welcome to Ergotron’s Deal Registration program. This program was designed to give you a pricing advantage on net new business that you bring forward.

  • Deal Registration pricing will span 240 days.
  • Minimum deal size of 50,000 USD based on List-price.
  • Pending qualification by and approval from Ergotron, you will receive a nominal discount per SKU, equalling an approximate 4.6% discount of List-price for the SKUs that you select during the registration process. This discount is not factored into your 50,000 USD minimum.
  • Direct customer-access for our sales-team is essential for approving your Deal Registration.
  • A reminder email will be sent to you 15 days before the pricing expires.
Simple Two-Step Process!
  1. 1. Identify a large deal/opportunity.
  2. 2. Register the deal and lock in your registration pricing (pending approval).
Registering a Deal
  • Use the "Deal Registration Menu" to the left to register a new deal, view your pending submissions, or view your approved deals.
  • Click on the "New Request" link to enter a new deal registration request. Populate the required fields, add SKUs and quantities and click "Submit For Approval". You can also create a deal registration request and save for later.
  • Click on the "Draft Requests" link to view registration requests that you have saved but have not yet submitted.
  • Click on the "Pending Requests" link to view deal registration requests that you have submitted that have not yet been approved.
  • Click on the "Approved Requests" link to view you approved deal registrations and requests that are currently active (not expired). Approved deal registrations with SKUs and quantities will display and can be viewed from this page.

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