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Harry Sweere

Harry Sweere

Founder of Ergotron

Harry C. Sweere (1934-2005) was the founder and principal owner of Ergotron, Inc., an internationally recognized company that designs and markets ergonomic computer mounting solutions. His role was Chairman, CEO and Chief Scientist. Incorporated in 1982, Ergotron is the leading provider of computer mounting solutions to the healthcare industry and a pioneer in human/computer interface. In 2000 Mr. Sweere also founded a company called Constant Force Technology, LLC (CFT) which was set up to design, manufacture, and sell ergonomically correct Flat Panel Monitor Desk Stands to the world’s Flat Panel Monitor (FPM) manufacturers on an OEM basis.

Ergotron, Inc. and CFT formally merged on January 1, 2005. The newly merged company retains the Ergotron name. Currently the companies share leading edge technologies in both computer monitor mounting and lift technology. The newly merged company is positioned for significant growth.

Mr. Sweere designed computer workstations based on sound ergonomic principles, scientifically derived anthropometric data and published ergonomic standards for over twenty years. Ergonomic papers written by Mr. Sweere include: “Ergonomic Factors Involved in Optimum Computer Workstation Design,” “Design of an Ergonomically Correct Desk Stand for Flat Panel Monitors,” and “Office Ergonomics in the Era of Flat Panel Monitors.” He also co-wrote a paper with his brother, Dr. Joseph J. Sweere, Chairman, Department of Occupational Health, Northwestern Health Sciences University, entitled “Optimum Neutral Posture for Seated Computer Operators.”

Although Mr. Sweere authored several scientific papers, he most enjoyed designing computer mounting hardware based on ergonomic data published by other experts in this field. He acquired numerous US patents on various types of computer mounting equipment, including patents on one of the world’s first tilt swivel stands for CRT monitors, the world’s first FPM mounting arms and the ergonomically correct FPM desk stands (first manufactured by CFT).

Mr. Sweere authored two standards published by the Video Electronics Standards Association:

  • VESA Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface (FPMPMI™) Standard, which has been implemented by the majority of FPM manufacturers worldwide
  • VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI™) Standard, which replaces FPMPMI

This Standard broadened the original Mounting Interface Standard to include the complete range of video monitors, displays and flat TVs. It includes five sections covering flat displays from 4" (100mm) to 90" (2,300mm) diagonal.