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Desk Mounts

Make sure your technology follows you—not the other way around—with adjustable monitor desk mounts: Choose a professional-grade monitor stand or monitor arm.

Monitor Arms vs Monitor Stands

Monitor desk mounts fall into two types: monitor arms and monitor stands. While both offer some of the same benefits, each has unique characteristics. When choosing a desk mount, consider the following:

What is a monitor arm?

A monitor arm suspends a display over your desktop. It utilizes a cantilever design, where interconnected arm sections support a VESA interface. Because of how it moves, a monitor arm requires secure attachment to a surface—it either clamps to the surface’s edge or screws on through a grommet hole.

  • A monitor arm saves space by freeing the entire worksurface
  • It anchors the display, preventing it from ever tipping over
  • It extends and retracts to maintain focal distance as posture changes

What is a monitor stand?

A monitor stand uses a more basic design, with a base and pedestal supporting a VESA interface. It is placed directly on the desktop. Compact construction minimizes its footprint as well as its overall presence in the workspace.

  • A monitor stand is simple to install—just set it on the surface!
  • It allows a display to be easily relocated to another work area
  • It can be a more affordable choice because of its simpler construction

Of course, perhaps the most important benefit is shared by both: ergonomic adjustment. Professional-grade monitor arms and monitor stands can lift, turn and tilt your screen for the best views. This makes computing comfortable while helping prevent or alleviate physical problems like repetitive stress injuries.