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Work from Home

Is working from home working for your team?

Permanent or hybrid work from home arrangements are here to stay. Now is the time to equip your teams with the tools to reimagine once temporary home workspaces to support happy, healthy employees for the long haul.

Mobile Desks in Flexible Work Area
Webinar: Supporting Employee Well-Being

Supporting Employee Well-Being

Build healthy and flexible work environments: Creating a culture that allows employees to thrive during the unexpected is essential to long-term workplace outcomes. In this recorded webinar, Ergotron CEO Chad Severson discusses the hurdles, solutions and opportunities in building healthy and flexible work environments.

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Recommended Home Office Solutions

Mobile Desk video

My Mobile Office

Ergotron Mobile Desk

Move to work anywhere you find inspiration, from the living room to the kitchen to outside on the patio.

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WorkFit-Z Standing Desk Converter video

Keep Energy Fresh

WorkFit-Z Mini

Make your workspace work for you with the WorkFit-Z Mini standing desk. This compact sit-to-stand converter turns a tabletop into a height-adjustable stand up desk.

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Dual Monitor Arm video

Home Office Comfort

LX Dual Monitor Arm

Create a comfortable home office with an LX Dual Monitor Arm. Find your best view, save desk space and discover your most productive self.

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Work From Home Brochure

See how our professional-grade products can help employees stay comfortable, productive and healthy.

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Boost Employee Wellness

Develop Effective Workspaces: A business leader’s guide to promoting workforce productivity and well-being.

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Home Office Ideas for Comfort & Well-Being

Make changes to your home office that support the best workday.

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Why Encourage Changes to Home Offices?

10 minutos de movimiento aumenta el enfoque mental Enfoque de nitidez

Enfoque preciso

10 minutos de movimiento ligero durante el trabajo es todo lo que se necesita para agudizar el enfoque mental.

100% de los trabajadores reportan efectos positivos con menos personas sentadas

Sentirse positivo

El 100% de los trabajadores reportaron un impacto positivo en su estado de ánimo después de reducir su tiempo de sentarse.

Un espacio de trabajo ergonómico aumenta la productividad

Aumenta la productividad

Un espacio de trabajo ergonómico puede aumentar la productividad hasta en un 46% mientras reduce el estrés.

El desafío del distanciamiento social

Los trabajadores pueden empezar a regresar lentamente a la oficina, mientras que algunos pueden seguir trabajando desde casa a tiempo completo o parcial. Estos espacios de trabajo flexibles se pueden reconfigurar fácilmente para cada persona o proyecto para que coincida con la fluidez de los tiempos actuales.