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Ergotron es una compañía dinámica que está cambiando rápidamente. Visítenos con frecuencia para enterarse de las novedades.
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Beaverton School District Embraces Future-Ready Mission with LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks - 15/11/2016

Ergotron to Present on Building a Culture of Movement at the 2016 HERO Forum - 27/09/2016

New Toolkit Empowers Employees to Take a Stand for Healthier Workplaces - 11/08/2016

Ergotron Tackles Classroom Inactivity through FitForward™ Program - 28/07/2016

ErgotronHome™ Workspace Desk35 Multi-Purpose Sit-Stand Desk - 27/07/2016

Ergotron Senior Manager Earns Ergonomics and Wellness Certifications - 20/07/2016

Ergotron Introduces WorkFit-SR Sit-Stand Workstation, Improving Employee Activity without Compromising Space - 14/07/2016

Ergotron’s LearnFit® Adjustable Standing Desk Earns Seal of Endorsement - 30/06/2016

Ergotron’s LearnFit Desks Fuel Innovation and Success in the Classroom - 27/06/2016

New Research Reveals that Excessive Sitting is More Disruptive than Cyberloafing - 10/05/2016

MX Mini Arm Helps to Integrate Tablets into Workflow - 21/04/2016

Ergotron Expands Education Initiative for Better Student Health and Development - 31/03/2016

Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstations and Mounts to be Featured on “Office Spaces” - 10/03/2016

Standing up for a healthy workplace – Ergotron brings innovative sit-stand workstations to Health & Wellbeing @ Work 2016 - 08/03/2016

Helping to Ensure Positive Patient Experiences is the New Trend for Healthcare Equipment Manufacturers - 29/02/2016

Ergotron Expands Medical Cart Offerings to Support Changing Healthcare Needs - 29/02/2016

Ergotron Files Lawsuit Alleging Patent Infringement by Humanscale - 16/02/2016

Ergotron’s Melody McKay Inductee into 2015-2016 NAPW VIP Woman of the Year Circle - 12/02/2016

Ergotron CEO appointed to CaringBridge Board - 11/02/2016

Ergotron Introduces Lockable Tablet Mount for Retail and Commercial Businesses - 10/02/2016

New Study Explores Impact of Sit-Stand Equipment on Chronic Low Back Pain - 12/01/2016


Ergotron Continues Mission of Increased Workplace Wellness with Strategic Promotion of Betsey Banker - 30/12/2015

ErgotronHome™ Workspace™ Hub27 Named CES Innovations Award Honoree - 10/12/2015

Agreement with TechExpress Expands Ergotron Product Availability in South Africa - 30/11/2015

Ergotron Set to Host Wellness Event at ErgoExpo - 18/11/2015

Ergotron Medical Cart Improves Nursing Point of Care & IT Support - 12/10/2015

Ergotron Launches New Retail Brand ErgotronHome™ - 30/09/2015

Starting the New School Year Off Right: Alexandria Country Day School “Takes a Stand” for Better Health and Education - 17/09/2015

Ergotron’s WorkFit-T Simplifies Sit-Stand Office Routines - 24/08/2015

Ergotron’s LearnFit™ Adjustable Desk Wins Tech & Learning ISTE 2015 Best of Show Award - 16/07/2015

Ergotron Unveils Second Generation of LearnFit Standing Desks for Healthier Classrooms and More Engaged Students - 29/06/2015

iPad Accessory Kit Offers Smart Home Solution - 28/04/2015

OmniMount TV Mount Delivers Performance and Elegance - 09/04/2015

Anthro Corporation Welcomes New, Space-Saving YES® Charging Cabinets - 18/03/2015

Ergotron and Anthro Introduce Dock Locker to Protect Microsoft® Surface™ Pro 3 and Docking Station - 11/03/2015

Innovative Classroom Increases Student Engagement with Standing Desks - 03/02/2015

Ergotron New Device Charging Systems Address Current & Future Technology in Schools - 22/01/2015

Nortek Acquires Anthro Corporation, Technology Furniture® - 21/01/2015

Create More Dynamic and Interactive Classrooms for Students - 15/01/2015

Ergotron Tablet Management Carts in Sync with Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active - 13/01/2015


Ergotron Unveils New Sit-Stand Workstation: WorkFit-T - 02/12/2014

LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk Supports Improved Health and Learning - 26/11/2014

Ergotron Makes Donation in Support of Research and Education at New Center for Elite Athletes - 16/10/2014

Ergotron honored with Maverick Top Gun Wing Man Award - 15/10/2014

Ergotron Introduces Tablet Management Carts for Samsung Galaxy Tab® Active - 07/10/2014

SPAR Group Wholly Owned Subsidiary Partners with Ergotron to Provide Professional Installation of WorkFit Products in Businesses and Homes - 04/09/2014

New Survey Reveals Work-related Injuries and Their Potential Impact on Quality Patient Care to be of Great Concern to Nursing Workforce - 07/08/2014

Dr. James A. Levine Addresses Negative Effects of Sitting in Free Webinar - 06/08/2014

Ergotron’s Flagship LX LCD Arm Series Now Supports Larger Panels - 04/08/2014

Ergotron Tackles Classroom Reform at ISTE 2014 - 26/06/2014

LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk Supports Improved Health and Learning - 12/06/2014

Ergotron Participates in UK Study to Curb Rising Obesity Rates in Children - 28/05/2014

Ergotron Continues Growth with New Hire and Key Promotion - 29/04/2014

WorkFit-LX Brings Sit-Stand Functionality to Popular LX Series - 24/04/2014

Ergotron Offers Fleet of Apple® Compatible Products - 27/03/2014

Ergotron to Showcase Healthcare Technology Integration Solutions at HIMSS14 - 23/02/2014

OmniMount Now Shipping Award Winning Projector Mount - 19/02/2014

Ergotron to Present on Hospital Ergonomics and Technological Integration at HIMSS14 - 10/02/2014

New Hire and Promotions Position Ergotron for Growth - 05/02/2014

Ergotron to Showcase Technology Support Solutions for the Digital Classroom at TCEA - 03/02/2014

Ergotron to Showcase Technology Support Solutions for the Digital Classroom at FETC - 29/01/2014

OmniMount Now Shipping OC120FM, LIFT30 and LIFT30X - 28/01/2014

OmniMount, Ergotron to Showcase Suite of Ergonomic Technologies at CES 2014 - 07/01/2014

Ergotron Unveils New WorkFit-A for Apple® with VESA Mount - 07/01/2014


Ergotron Named as CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Honoree - 12/11/2013

Ergotron Sit-stand Base Structure Works with Existing or Custom Surfaces - 29/10/2013

Ergotron Introduces StyleView® Telepresence Carts to Connect Doctors with Critical Patient Information - 22/10/2013

UK Study Finds Significant Health Benefits Associated with Standing - 21/10/2013

Ergotron Unveils New Sit-Stand Workstations, WorkFit, for Apple® - 08/10/2013

Nortek Names Pete Segar as President, Display Mount Solutions - 07/10/2013

Ergotron Promotes Expert to Lead North American Healthcare Efforts - 02/10/2013

CEDIA Attendees Register to Win Nortek Prize Pack - 26/09/2013

New projector mount speeds up install time - 26/09/2013

OmniMount Promotes Truth in Mounting - 26/09/2013

Affordable Universal Tablet Syncing and Charging in a Compact Station - 18/09/2013

Businesses Urged to Consider Standing Desks as Alternative to Prolonged Sitting by Employees - 20/08/2013

New Survey: To Sit or Stand? Almost 70% of Full Time American Workers Hate Sitting, but They do it all Day Every Day - 17/07/2013

Ergotron Supports ACE Initiative: 28 Days to a Healthier You - 16/07/2013

CES Group and Ergotron Exhibit Healthcare Solutions at ASHE Expo - 15/07/2013

Manage Tablets without Disrupting Workflow with Space-Saving Wall Mount - 20/06/2013

High Tech TV Mount Offers More Movement - 16/04/2013

Sit-Stand Computing Solutions Promote Worker Health and Productivity - 05/03/2013

Ergotron Service Programs Maximize Equipment Usage and Uptime While Protecting IT Investments - 04/03/2013

Ergotron Introducing Latest Device Management Products at Macworld - 30/01/2013

Improved Strength and Durability in a Compact, Mobile Format Hallmarks of Ergotron’s New Tablet Management Products - 29/01/2013

Ergotron Enters Distribution Partnership with Jardine OneSolution to Meet Evolving IT Needs of Malaysia Marketplace - 15/01/2013

Ergotron’s Next Generation StyleView Medical Cart Redesigns the Standard for Point of Care Support - 14/01/2013


Ergotron Honored for Marketing Commitment and Excellence in 2012 Zones Partner Awards Expo - 27/12/2012

OmniMount’s Traveling Innovations Showroom (OTIS) Provides Hands-on Experience with Leading Product Portfolio - 18/12/2012

ProMedica Embarks on Progressive “Take a Stand” Wellness Journey - 13/12/2012

OmniMount Supports Healthier Home Life - 11/12/2012

Ergotron Features Latest in Sit-Stand and Mobility Solutions at Dell World 2012 - 11/12/2012

Ergotron’s Reggie Leday Named Partner Representative of the Year by Insight - 11/12/2012

Ergotron Expands Distribution Partnership with Leading IT Provider SiS to Include Singapore - 10/12/2012

Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstations Maintain Ergonomic Standards While Breaking Up Sedentary Work Routines - 05/12/2012

OmniMount Debuts Fifth TV Mount Category - 04/12/2012

Ergotron Tablet Management Solutions Key to Successful Tablet Integrations - 21/11/2012

Ergotron Unveils Next Generation of Healthcare Mounting and Mobility Solutions at MEDICA Expo - 14/11/2012

Distribution Agreement with ALSO Finland Expands Ergotron Product Availability in Nordics - 12/11/2012

Ergotron Sit-Stand Computing Solutions Tackle Today’s Dynamic Workplace - 31/10/2012

Are You at Risk? Ergotron’s New Sitting-Time Calculator Assesses Associated Risk Factors in Personal Sitting Time - 23/10/2012

Reducing Sedentary Time Provides Optimistic Outlook for Those Touched by Diabetes - 10/10/2012

Ergotron’s Sit-Stand Message Brings Brighter Smiles to Dental Technicians’ Annual Fall Conference - 05/10/2012

Australian Study Reaffirms the Positive Impact of Sit-Stand Workstations in the Office Setting - 04/10/2012

Ergotron Expands Availability of Powered Point-of-Care Mounting and Mobility Solutions to Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions - 27/09/2012

Ergotron Appoints Leading IT Provider SiS as New Distribution Partner in Thailand - 05/09/2012

New Ergotron Interactive TV Wall Mounts Maximize IT Investment in Digital Display Technologies - 15/08/2012

American Diabetes Association “Exercise Everywhere” Message Extends into the Office Environment - 02/08/2012

OmniMount’s ActionMount Series Helps Fight Obesity and “Sitting Disease” - 28/06/2012

Ergotron Empowers Educators with the Tools to Conquer the Challenges of Multimedia, Multi-Linked Mobile Students - 27/06/2012

Second-Annual JustStand Wellness Summit Tackles Global Workplace “Sitting Disease” Epidemic - 26/06/2012

Ergotron’s Sit-Stand Solutions Breathe New Life Into Office Design - 11/06/2012

Fully Assembled Ergotron Workstations Offer Out-of-Box Sit-Stand Solution - 11/06/2012

OmniMount Now Shipping TV and Computer Mounts for the WellTech Consumer - 30/05/2012

Ergotron Healthcare Solutions Improve Efficiencies and Protect Wellness of Every User - 29/05/2012

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health: Get Out of Your Office Chairs - 18/05/2012

Ergotron Partnership with Ingram Micro Australia Supports Growth of WellTech Market in Asia - 09/05/2012

OmniMount Sales Expansion Supports Growing Demand within WellTech Segment and Geographic Regions - 11/04/2012

Ergotron Offers Hassle-free Classroom Laptop Management with Affordable, Adaptable and Secure Carts - 10/04/2012

Ergotron Tackles Sitting Disease at the Point of Care at HIMSS’12 - 21/02/2012

Ergotron’s Redesigned StyleView EMR Carts Provide Enhanced Security Without Impacting Caregiver Workflow - 20/02/2012

Ergotron’s Trade Show on Wheels Tours the U.S. - 20/02/2012

For second consecutive year, Ergotron China Manufacturing Facility Receives Factory of the Year Award; Ergotron 中国工厂连续两年荣获年度优秀企业奖 - 01/02/2012

Ergotron Education Solutions Give Teachers the Freedom of Movement and the Power of Technology - 11/01/2012

OmniMount has Antidote to Inactivity with Mounts Designed for Movement - 10/01/2012

OmniMount Innovates Home Offices and Computer Rooms with Full Motion Sit-to-Stand Workstation Mounts - 10/01/2012

Ergotron and OmniMount Systems Join to Create Major Supplier of Display and Entertainment Mounting Solutions - 10/01/2012


Ergotron’s WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Arm Receives Prestigious Attendees’ Choice Award at ErgoExpo 2011 - 08/12/2011

Ergotron Wall Mounts Broaden Possibilities for Video, Digital Signage and Touch Screen Applications - 07/12/2011

Ergotron’s Long-Awaited Presence at ErgoExpo ’11 will Demonstrate that the Future of Ergonomics must Focus on Healthy, Active Movement - 29/11/2011

Ergotron Recognized As An American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Company - 14/11/2011

Ergotron’s Sit-Stand Low-Profile Wall Mount Offers Caregivers Optimal Computing Wellness Options for Crowded Hospital Confines - 28/09/2011

Ergotron Meets the Computer Mounting and Mobility Needs of the Healthcare Enterprise - 22/09/2011

Ergotron Takes a Stand with the American Heart Association to Improve Cardiovascular Health - 22/09/2011

Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation Wins in Third Annual 2011 Golden Bridge Awards - 08/09/2011

Ergotron’s Sit-Stand Desk Expands Choices for Healthier Computing - 07/09/2011

OmniMount and Ergotron, Nortek Subsidiaries, Unveil New Interactive Mounts for Consumers at CEDIA 2011 - 06/09/2011

Study: Standing and Sitting at Work Improves Health, Happiness of Workers - 01/08/2011

Ergotron TeachWell® Gives Teachers the Freedom of Movement and the Power of Technology - 25/06/2011

Ergotron’s WorkFit Workstations Create the Office of Tomorrow, Right Here, Right Now - 15/06/2011

Les Solutions Ergotron Pour l’informatique Hospitalière Seront Présentées au Salon HIT Paris 2011 - 17/05/2011

Ergotron’s WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstations and StyleView EMR Carts Receive 2011 Design Journal ADEX Awards for Superior Design and Engineering Excellence - 11/05/2011

Ergotron’s Europe Operations Meet ISO14001:2004 Requirements for Environmental Practices - 02/05/2011

Ergotron Introduces Its First Tablet Management Cart For Education, Healthcare and Enterprise Applications - 25/04/2011

New WorkFit-S Accessories Expand Functionality and Comfort of WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstations - 13/04/2011

Ergotron Workfit Sit-Stand Workstations To Help The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge Volunteers Just Stand And Code - 25/03/2011

Ergotron Extends Digital Signage Portfolio with New Wall and Ceiling Mount Applications - 24/02/2011

Ergotron China Manufacturing Facility Receives 2010 Factory of the Year Award
- 23/02/2011

Ergotron’s Point-of-Care Computing Solutions for Entire Healthcare Enterprise Showcased at HIMSS ’11 - 21/02/2011

Ergotron’s Education Technology Products Help Schools Drive Achievement While Promoting Healthier Computing For Teachers And Students - 31/01/2011

Standing Up for Workplace Wellness, a New Year’s Resolution We Can All Live With - 18/01/2011

Ergotron’s Education Technology Solutions Designed to Help Inspire Learners for Future Challenges - 12/01/2011


Nortek to Acquire Ergotron, Inc. - 03/12/2010

Ergotron Adds Next Generation Patient Healthcare Delivery (PHD) Cart for Efficient Management of Non-controlled Medication at the Point of Care - 02/12/2010

Ergotron Recognized by Twins Cities Business Journal as a Fast 50 Honoree - 22/10/2010

Two Out of Three Office Workers Want Choice to “Sit or Stand” at Desks, Says New Ergotron Survey - 19/08/2010

Computer Users Can Combat “Sitting Disease” - 06/08/2010

Ergotron Launches Next Generation of Electronic Medical Record Carts to Move Hospital Systems, Data to Point of Need - 03/08/2010

Ergotron Teachwell Mobile Digital Platform Designed to Help Advance Excellence in Learning and Teaching - 28/06/2010

Ergotron Meets ISO 14001:2004 Requirements for Environmental Practices - 07/06/2010

Ergotron’s LX Dual Side-By-Side Arm Receives 2010 Design Journal Platinum ADEX Award For Superior Design and Engineering - 24/05/2010

Ergotron’s Point-of-Care Computing Products for Europe’s Advancing eHealth Market Highlighted at HIT Paris 2010 - 17/05/2010

Ergotron Adds TeachWell LCD Mobile Digital Platform to Education Portfolio for 21st-Century Collaborative Learning - 10/05/2010

Ergotron Awards TeachWell Platforms to California’s Top Teachers - 22/04/2010

Ergotron China facility recognized by local government - 16/03/2010

New LX Wall Mount System, Keyboard Arm Point-of-Care Computing Solutions for Healthcare Professionals Introduced by Ergotron at WoHIT 2010 - 16/03/2010

New LX Wall Mount System, Keyboard Arm Point-of-Care Computing Solutions for Healthcare Professionals Introduced by Ergotron at HIMSS10 Conference - 01/03/2010

New WorkFit Ergonomic Workstations for Attorneys, Paralegals - 18/02/2010

New Productivity-Enhancing PC Products Introduced For Corporate, Education, Retail Markets by Ergotron at 2010 Consumer Electronics Show - 07/01/2010


TeachWell Mobile Digital Platform Positions K–12 Teachers, College Professors for 21st-Century Collaborative Learning - 05/11/2009

Ergotron Wins 2009 Vendor Award of Excellence in Peripherals and Accessories Category from World’s Largest IT Distributor - 13/10/2009

Ergotron Releases New Enterprise Version of StyleLink Software—Proactive Power Management Software for StyleView Cart Deployments - 16/09/2009

New WorkFit Ergonomic Workstations From Ergotron “Take a Stand” for 21st Century Office Computing - 26/08/2009

For Third Consecutive Year Ergotron Achieves Inc. 5000 Industry Recognition - 24/08/2009

Ergotron’s Stylish MX Wall Mount LCD Arm Upgrades Mid-size Displays, All-in-One Computers with Premium Adjustability - 06/08/2009

New StyleView® VL Enclosure Wall-Mount Computer Workstation for Hospitals & Clinics Provides Patient Privacy, Data Security - 20/07/2009

Ergotron CEO Joel Hazzard Winner of the Upper Midwest Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 Award in Consumer Products Category - 12/06/2009

Ergotron Wins Award of Excellence in Videographer Awards 2009 Competition - 02/06/2009

Ergotron Introduces Next Generation StyleView® Powered Carts to Asia Pacific and EMEA - 22/05/2009

Ergotron Recipient of Two Awards in the Hermes Creative Awards 2009 Competition - 29/04/2009

Ergotron Honored by Design Journal with Three ADEX Awards for Superior Design and Engineering - 23/04/2009

DiversityBusiness.com Names Ergotron to Its Top Business List for 2009 - 06/04/2009

Ergotron Introduces New Digital Display Solutions for Healthcare Professionals at HIMSS 2009 - 03/04/2009

Benefits of Multiple Displays Impress the New York Times - 15/01/2009

Ergotron StyleView Carts Receive e Healthcare Magazine’s 2008 Highlight Awards - 13/01/2009

Ergotron Showcases New Productivity-Enhancing Display Products—from Neo-Flex All-in-One Stand to Mobile MediaCenter—at 2009 CES in Las Vegas - 08/01/2009


Ergotron Wins Coveted CEA Innovations Award - 11/11/2008

Global Technology Distribution Council Recognizes Ergotron at 2008 Rising Star Awards - 17/09/2008

Ergotron Recognized on the 2008 Inc. 5000 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 124% - 26/08/2008

Steve Reinecke, Global Director of Ergotron Healthcare, Recognized as Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems by HIMSS - 12/08/2008

Ergotron’s Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand one of PC World China’s 100 Best Designed IT Products 2008 - 22/07/2008

Ergotron Introduces StyleView 31 Non-powered Carts to European Region - 23/05/2008

Ergotron Japan KK Entity Shows Dedication and Commitment to Growth in Japan - 05/05/2008

Ergotron Recognized by Design Journal with Five Awards for Superior Design and Engineering - 30/04/2008

Ergotron Participates in HIMSS Virtual Conference and Expo - 22/04/2008

Ergotron Introduces StyleView 31 Non-powered Carts to Asia Pacific - 14/04/2008

Ergotron Continues to Drive Healthcare, Government Business in China - 29/02/2008

Comfortable Portable Computing: The Ergonomic Equation - 18/02/2008

Ergotron Unveils Four Productivity Enhancing Display Stands at CES - 07/01/2008

Ergotron Creates a Comfortable Computing Experience for CES Attendees - 03/01/2008


Ergotron Assumes Sole Ownership of China Manufacturing Operations - 19/12/2007

For Second Consecutive Year, Ergotron Achieves Industry Recognition - 13/11/2007

Ergotron Named One of Region’s Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies for Third Consecutive Year - 26/10/2007

Ergotron Drives Its Healthcare Business in Asia - 15/10/2007

Ergotron Bridges Gap Between Point-of-Care Computing and Medication Delivery with New Line of StyleView® Carts - 12/10/2007

Ergotron Broadens Channel Engagement to Include Mexico - 03/10/2007

Ergotron Responds to Safety Concerns about Products Manufactured in China - 02/10/2007

Ergotron Focuses on Developing and Expanding its Healthcare Business in Asia - 21/09/2007

Ergotron Rewards Customers Who Use StyleLink™ Battery Management Software - 21/09/2007

Ergotron’s M&E Operation Showcased by Chinese Government - 30/08/2007

Ergotron Recognized on Inc.’s List of Fastest Growing Businesses - 30/08/2007

Ergotron Donates to Relief Efforts for Katrina - 29/06/2007

Ergotron’s Neo-Flex™ Mobile WorkSpace Creates an Affordable, Ergonomic Computing Area in any Application - 03/05/2007

Ergotron’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility Extends to China Manufacturing Plant - 23/04/2007

Ergotron Focuses on Developing and Expanding Awareness in Korea And Announces Simon Kim as Country Manager - 17/04/2007

Ergotron Recognized by Design Journal with Three Awards for Superior Design and Engineering - 04/04/2007

Ergotron Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Height Adjustable Notebook and Projector Stand - 19/02/2007

Ergotron Extends Warranty for StyleView Cart Power Systems - 05/02/2007

Ergotron and Tech Data sign European agreement - 04/01/2007


Ergotron Wins National Consumer Electronics Association Award Recognizing Excellence in Engineering and Design - 08/11/2006

Ergotron Continues Rapid Growth, Announces Ingram Micro as North American Distributor - 23/10/2006

Ergotron Wins Distribution Industry’s Rising Star Award for Accelerated Business Growth - 20/09/2006

Ergotron Awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Excellence in Quality Management - 03/07/2006

Ergotron Continues Expansion in Asia Through Partnership with Japanese Distributor Synnex - 28/03/2006


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