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Desk Converters

Transform your desk into an ergonomic, sit-stand workstation with an easy-to-use standing desk converter.

The Benefits of Using Standing Desk Converters

A stand-up desk converter brings you the health advantages of a sit-stand work style without completely changing your office space. Leverage your current desk investment with an ergonomic add-on: choose a stand-up desk converter from Ergotron.

Which standing desk converter is best?

There are three types of desk converters. The right one for you depends on your requirements:

  • A tabletop unit like our WorkFit-TL sits directly on the desktop, making installation easy. Depending on available space, select a compact standing desk converter or one with a large surface
  • A pedestal unit like our WorkFit-S is a front-clamp standing desk attachment. It features simple, extra-quick sit-to-stand adjustment: smoothly raise or lower with one hand
  • A desk arm like our WorkFit-A attaches to the back of the desktop. Arms have the most range of motion: move up, down, left or right. Its lift range accommodates the tallest users

A stand-up desk converter is a healthy upgrade to any space where desk work is done. They fit in offices or cubicles, at home, in medical clinics and many other environments.

Is standing better than sitting?

By making simple lifestyle changes, we can make big strides to lead healthier lives. Mounting research shows that if we choose to stand up and sit less, we can experience many benefits to our bodies and our minds. The workplace is a great opportunity to stand and move more, and a standing desk converter can make that happen. Learn the facts about standing.