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To assist any interior design project that aims to improve productivity and wellbeing of modern workspaces, Ergotron furniture products are now available in pCon.planner, and pCon.facts.

Already using pCon? Then request our data directly via the pCon.login:

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The intuitive and user-friendly p.Con.planner is used by numerous interior design professionals worldwide. This 3D interior design software is available for laptops and computers and offers the possibility to use the Ergotron solutions 3-dimensionally in floor plans and rooms. The software gives also the possibility of exporting some parts of the designed interior.

Discover the potential of Ergotron solutions by adding them to your designs. Request the data now via pCon.login. is a handy tool to configure the Ergotron solutions and place them directly in a space via augmented reality. You can scan a 2D floor plan and integrate our monitor arms and sit-stand solutions into the plan in the correct size.

Download for iOS/iPadOS, Android or Windows 10.


pCon.facts is an innovative sales app that brings all Ergotron product knowledge to the "Point of Sale". Create configurations, article lists and product sheets wherever you are. There’s no easier way to showcase products on the spot!

Download pCon.facts for iOS/iPadOS or Android.

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Realize the potential of every space with TRACE, monitor arms and WorkFit desktop workstations.

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