Ergonomics & Wellness

Our Unique Approach to Advocate Healthy Computing

Ergotron products adapt technology to the physical needs of each individual. This creates a work environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity.

Research in Wellness

Research in Wellness

At Ergotron, evidence-based data is the wellspring for product development. With the growing intensity in the relationship between digital technology and people, Ergotron is focused on what this means to individual health and how our products can help.

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Get Into Your Comfort Zone

Neutral Posture + Voluntary Motion + Rest = Comfortable Computing

That’s the ergonomic equation and it begins with you. Find your zones by understanding the details of this simple, three-part concept.

Zone A

Neutral Posture

Arrange display & keyboard to support a neutral posture
Result? Less strain, lower energy spend and reduced fatigue
Zone B

Voluntary Motion

Incorporate movement into computing routine
Result? Better circulation; less static load causing injury
Zone C

Rest Time

Take time for frequent breaks & recuperation
Result? Your body rejuvenates from static loading

The right mount will give you the maximum amount of flexibility to get into the right ergonomic zone. By simply following this list of ergonomics tips, you’ll decrease the strain on your body and reduce risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

Evaluate the ergonomic layout of your seated computer workstation.

Optimize ergonomic comfort using customized workstation adjustments.

See how quickly an enhanced workspace pays for itself by increasing productivity.

Play the Game: Find the Ergonomic Errors

Test your ergonomic skill level! Find and correct the problem
areas in this illustration of an unhappy worker.

Stand Up for your Health

Studies find a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of mortality. Excessive sitting impacts our body’s metabolic system, while standing increases energy, burns extra calories, tones muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow and ramps up metabolism. Read this white paper for an in-depth analysis.

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Sit Less & Stand More

Standing while working promotes fitness. See the difference in calorie-burn.

Evaluate how much you sit each day and discover the benefits of reducing that time.

Wellness Products

One of Ergotron’s greatest strengths is our dedication to creating truly innovative, ergonomic products that improve the health and productivity of our customers. We uphold our original mission to employ high-quality solutions toward the improvement of the human experience.

Comfortable Computing

Computing should never hurt. However, the reality is often very different for today’s computer users—people just like you. Find out ways to make your work as comfortable as possible by getting ergonomics information that’s easy to use.

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Join the Uprising

Ergotron has influenced healthy computing for over three decades, using scientific research as a basis. We’ve collaborated with global thought leaders and a community of “standers” in order to raise awareness and reduce sedentary behavior.

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Ergonomic Index for Ergotron Products

Use the table as a guide to help you select the Ergotron products that best serve your needs when creating a healthier workspace.

Category Adjustment Benefits

Type 1
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Equalize focal distance from top to bottom of screen; reduce glare/reflection; adjust keyboard angle

Type 2
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5" lift, tilt/pan

Reposition height to suit posture; accommodate average range of users at a station

Type 3
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13" lift, tilt/pan

Promote application flexibilty; reposition to suit posture; accommodate wide range (95%) of users at a station

Type 4
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15"+ lift, tilt/pan

Work sitting or standing at the same station; promote application flexibilty; reposition to suit posture