Introducing the health benefits of up and down.

For work or play, inputting parts data or scanning chocolate chip cookie recipes, WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations and associated products are the easiest way to sit less, stand more and put your well‑being first.

Heart Healthy

Standing can reduce your risk of heart disease while also increasing good HDL cholesterol levels.

Tones Muscles

Standing strengthens leg, ankle and foot muscles while also increasing balance.

Increases Energy

To stay alert and for a natural jolt of energy, standing can be a simple but overlooked remedy.

Boosts Metabolism

Standing discourages mindless snacking and increases the enzymes needed to metabolize food.

Improves Posture

The spine is in a more naturally aligned position while you stand as opposed to being hunched over a desk.

Burns Extra Calories

When you're standing, fat-burning enzymes stay activated, burning far more calories than when you’re sitting.