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Sit-Stand Workstations

Improve workplace wellbeing

WorkFit-SR sit-stand workstation

Every body and every space are different. That’s why Ergotron offers the broadest selection of sit-stand desk solutions to suit any workstyle while facilitating wellbeing and increased productivity.

Our WorkFit™ and LearnFit™ products are designed to easily retrofit furniture and spaces for sit-stand height adjustment. Moreover, they bring new flexibility to the old-style office: increasing options for positioning equipment, improving workflow, boosting social interaction, and (best of all) helping people feel better.

Product Sheet: WorkFit-SR
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Product Sheet: WorkFit-TL
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Product Sheet: WorkFit-TX
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Product Sheet: WorkFit Corner
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Product Choices

WorkFit-SR sit stand desk
WorkFit-SR - Exceptional ergonomics & styling
WorkFit-TL sit stand desk
WorkFit-TL - Easy sit-stand desk conversion
LearnFit mobile desk
LearnFit - Mobility with flexibility
WorkFit-TX sit stand desk
WorkFit-TX - The most flexible configuration
WorkFit Corner sit stand desk
WorkFit Corner - Optimized for Corner Spaces

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Realize the potential of every space with TRACE, monitor arms and WorkFit desktop workstations.

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