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StyleLink SKY

Cloud-based fleet management service

An intuitive and scalable software application that provides real-time insight into the status and health of your StyleView® medical carts: StyleLink SKY is part of any Ergotron Service Maintenance Plan.

Why SKY?

  • Seamless, secure and centralized management of carts from a web browser
  • Avoid removing carts from clinical service
  • Monitor and manage battery, drawer access and usage patterns
  • Improve battery life expectancy

Which SKY?

  • self-monitoring - Customers can utilize SKY and monitor their carts themselves
  • proactive remote monitoring - Ergotron service experts will monitor your fleet proactively
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Implement Easily

StyleLink SKY is easily downloaded: Just follow the link from your “Welcome” email, download onto the local client PC and run the installation file which guides you through the set-up.Approximate installation time per client device is less than one minute.

And with the Pro package upgrade, it is much simpler.Rely on certified Ergotron experts to proactively address any issues before they interrupt your workflow. Learn more: Spec Sheet

Manage Assets

Historical power system data (e.g. charge, load, current) shown in graphical form means usage patterns and issues are quickly identified. Eliminate surprises to balance runtime and cycle life so as to maximize the life of batteries.

Control access to drawers via the cart-users page. Use the drawer-log page to view and search any events: see who opened which drawer on which cart at what time. Learn more: Spec Sheet

Safe & Secure

Secure software-service monitoring.

Only transacts encrypted data related to Ergotron StyleView carts.

Runs remotely from a secure data center.

HIPAA compliant by isolation from patient records.

Fact Sheet

System Requirements

  • Contact our StyleLink support team with any questions regarding software or deployment
  • Additional application setup information provided after an account has been requested
StyleLink Client Minimum PC Configuration
Operating Systems Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
CPU 32-bit or 64-bit processor
Memory Usage - Background Service Only 6 MB
Memory Usage - Service + User Interface 18 MB
Disk Usage - Background Service Only 4 MB
Disk Usage - Service + User Interface 12 MB
Screen 800x600, 16-bit High Color
Port 1 Available USB Port Required