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Rethinking the Workplace

Create a flexible and productive, people-first organization

Equip employees to work in a way that’s flexible, healthy and comfortable. Whether your team is heading back into the office, working from home, or a combination of the two, you can create a workplace that responds to our changing environment.

Mobile Desks in Flexible Work Area
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Flexible Offices for Effective Teams

Social distancing and other health protocols make flexible offices more important than ever. Mobile desks enable teams to collaborate while remaining safely apart. Monitor mounts and adjustable desks let workers adapt personal or shared spaces to a comfortable fit. Thermal imaging carts support healthy work areas by detecting temperatures of employees and visitors.

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Support Employee Comfort & Productivity

For employees who continue working at home, leaders can help ensure these team members stay comfortable and focused. A height-adjustable or mobile desk fit virtually anywhere and can help minimize the negative health impacts of all-day sitting. Monitor arms provide the flexibility to keep screens at the right height so employees can work comfortably and stay productive.

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Thermal Imaging Carts

Move a thermal camera to anywhere it’s needed to detect a temperature in high-traffic areas.

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COVID-19 Resources

Help your team work comfortably and safely in the uncertain weeks and months ahead.

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Plan Your Return

Ensure all employees have what they need to remain engaged amd productive.

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The Social Distancing Facility Challenge

Workers may begin to return to the office slowly while some may keep working from home full or part time. These flexible workstations can be easily reconfigured for each person or project to match the fluidity of the current times.