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Mobile Desks

A portable computer desk on wheels easily moves your workspace anywhere in an office, classroom, medical clinic or home.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Desks

A mobile desk allows you to choose wherever you work best. For focused work time, roll a mobile computer desk to a conference room or a quiet space in the room. For collaboration, small mobile desks easily roll together or to an open work area to foster conversation and information sharing.

An adjustable-height mobile desk is an ergonomic choice

Height-adjustable mobile desks promote healthy movement throughout the day for everyone, no matter the application. The ability to alternate between sitting and standing while remaining mobile has proven ergonomic advantages. Personalize desktop height for comfortable working or learning.

A portable desk on wheels offers flexibility

Mobile desks are agile, adapting to any workspace where people use technology:

  • As mobile student desks or teaching desks, they enable flexible seating in education environments
  • In industrial applications, they serve as rolling tables that offer access to electronic work instructions
  • For the home, a mobile desk creates a home office in whatever room works best on a given day
  • In healthcare, a portable desk can place supplies or electronic medical records at the point of care

Mobile desks hold a wide range of technology. Move a simple notebook and pen between rooms as a portable desk, or a small computer as a laptop cart, or a full desktop PC and monitor as a mobile computer workstation. An array of accessory options lets you customize a mobile desk to fit your needs.