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Monitor Arms

An adjustable monitor arm puts you in control of your workspace. Select a solution to fit your unique requirements: a heavy display arm, a single or dual monitor arm, or even a triple monitor arm.

The Benefits of Using Monitor Arms

An external display mounted on a monitor arm is an essential component of dynamic workspace design. Monitor arms lift, lower and turn independently from a desk and keyboard. Having multiple points of adjustment allow you to achieve an ergonomic fit throughout the day, even as tasks or posture change.

What makes a monitor arm professional grade?

For those who value performance and quality in monitor arms…

  • Advanced ergonomics: An extensive range of motion to lift, lower and turn a screen provides flexibility
  • Patented technology: However you move your monitor arm, you’ll feel the difference in ease of effort
  • Quality assurance: Extensive testing ensures a monitor arm is built to last
  • Solid construction: High-grade materials combined with a sturdy design are keys to screen stability
  • Space savings: A well-designed monitor arm should fully and easily fold out of the way when not in use. Effective cable management reduces clutter

In addition to health benefits, monitor arms can quickly move a screen for collaborating with colleagues. They also offer greater accessibility by accommodating special use cases, like offering employees with vision or mobility impairments a better fit and function. For more static environments, consider monitor stands.