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Empowering Caregivers to Work Vibrantly

When every workstation and workflow helps re-energize caregivers? That’s working vibrantly. And it’s something healthcare desperately needs right now. It’s time to put caregivers first by fueling them from intake to discharge. That’s possible, even today, with our ergonomic workstation innovations that adapt to every person, space and workflow.

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Empowering Caregivers to Work Vibrantly

Working vibrantly is about putting caregivers first by fueling them from intake to discharge and creating environments where they can work and feel at their best.

Regaining vibrancy in healthcare honors caregivers’ physical and mental health, so they’ll be able to better care for themselves and their patients. That’s possible, even today, with our ergonomic workstation innovations that adapt to every person, space and workflow.

Caring for Healthcare Workers

The pandemic’s impact on caregivers and non-clinical staff

To better understand the pandemic’s effect on caregivers and health IT professionals, the Caring for Healthcare Workers eBook shares survey results from 500 employees across the U.S. on topics ranging from physical and mental well-being to workplace expectations.

Support Caregiver Well-Being

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Findings from the survey

Caregivers and health IT staff are experiencing health issues related to ongoing stress and poor workplace ergonomics. This research offers valuable insights for healthcare leaders striving to improve healthcare worker well-being and build energized workplaces.

Insights from the eBook

ergonomic injury


94% of respondents report a negative impact on their physical and/or mental well-being.

telemedicine via tablet


87% are concerned about the physical impact of using telehealth technology more often.

ergonomic medical cart


95% stated that better ergonomic equipment could improve their well-being at work.

Tools for Boosting How Caregivers Care Today

Allow your teams to experience a new sense of energy at work by building environments that support the well-being of caregivers.

Nurse Work Environments for Healthier Patients

Comfortable and efficient work environments support healthy and happy caregivers, strong nurse-patient connections and memorable patient experiences.

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Ensure a Smooth Virtual Patient Experience

As telehealth usage becomes increasingly commonplace, patients will expect more from virtual interactions. Here’s how to provide a better experience.

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Practitioner Happiness and Patient Satisfaction

Foster the conditions that support caregiver well-being and a positive experience for patients which can boost well-being and workflow efficiencies.

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Ergonomic Workstation Innovations

Our broad portfolio of healthcare solutions strengthens the connection between caregivers, technology and patients through any workflow.