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TRACE by Ergotron

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TRACE Monitor Mount

With the Technology of Movement™, this innovative mount creates agile workspaces for high-performing teams. TRACE effortlessly shifts between individual tasks and collaborative work before returning to the natural home position to positively influence employee productivity and efficiency.

Minimal assembly enables an easy installation experience with sustainable packaging you can stand behind. Intuitive monitor positioning using patented Constant Force™ Technology encourages healthy movement and a personalized ergonomic fit. The understated aesthetic enhances office designs.

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Installation Guide:  Single | Dual
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Technology of Movement

TRACE: Up-Down Motion
TRACE: Extension-Retraction Motion
TRACE: Side-to-Side Motion

A unique and groundbreaking design lets users effortlessly shift between tasks to enable an agile workstyle. See how TRACE moves screens to reliably find a natural home position or extends them to the point of need. TRACE the movement.

Good Design® Award Winner

John Blomstrom, Lead Industrial Designer, walks through the origin story for TRACE, Ergotron's newest adjustable monitor mount.

John Blomstrom, Lead Industrial Designer, walks through the origin story for Ergotron's newest adjustable monitor mount.

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