The WorkFit Advantage

The best selection of standing desks

No two spaces are the same and every body is different. That’s why Ergotron offers the broadest range of standing desk options that adjust to your needs and requirements. With over 30 years’ experience designing ergonomic workstations and mounts, you can trust our engineering expertise.

WorkFit-T in White

Quickly convert a tabletop or corner workspace into a healthy standing desk workstation. Simply place the WorkFit-T on an open surface and you’re ready to work! See All.

WorkFit-S Dual White

WorkFit-S can transform a desk into a premium sit-stand ergonomic workstation. Its tray lowers below the desktop to place your keyboard at the optimum height. See All.

WorkFit-SR Dual White

WorkFit-SR stays within the footprint of your desktop to save space. Elegant design and simple operation allows you to sit or stand whenever you choose. See All.



Move WorkFit-A wherever you need it: up, down, right or left. Easily share your screen with your coworkers or move the system out of the way to free desktop space. See All.


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With 30+ years experience outfitting ergonomic offices, our representatives are uniquely prepared to find the perfect standing desk solution for your enterprise business space, one that meets your workflow and your budget. Just fill out this form to connect with your representative, or call 800-888-8458.