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Meet our team

Our senior executive team offers up more than impressive resumes. They have the skills, drive and passion for helping our customers thrive.

Chad Severson, Chief Executive Officer

Chad Severson
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Coughlin, Chief Financial Officer

Joe Coughlin
Chief Financial Officer

Peter Martin, Vice President, North America Sales

Peter Martin
Vice President, Global Sales & Customer Engagement

David Denham, VP, Global Marketing

David Denham
Vice President, Global Marketing

Nied, VP, Operations

Lisa Nied
Vice President, Operations

Jim Orrock, VP, Product Management

Jim Orrock
Vice President, Business Development

Jason Schlicht, Vice President, ODM

Jason Schlicht
Vice President, Ergotron Custom

Craig Thomas, VP, China Operations & General Manager

Craig Thomas
Vice President, Manufacturing & Operations

Mike Phelps, General Counsel

Mike Phelps
General Counsel