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Computer Carts

Easily move technology—a laptop, tablet, desktop PC and more—anywhere you work with professional-grade computer cart solutions.

The Benefits of Using Computer Carts

A computer cart will transform any space, bringing flexibility and movement to wherever technology is needed. Ergotron carts’ lightweight design makes them easy to move throughout the workday. Outfit your mobile cart to hold a laptop, a full desktop PC and monitor, or an all-in-one computer.

A computer cart offers adaptability

Rolling computer carts are a versatile option for any application:

Together with other mobile desks, computer carts are a great way to maximize workspace efficiency without sacrificing productivity.

Alleviate power anxiety on your computer cart

A mobile computer cart with battery brings even more versatility to a work area. Reliable add-on power like LiFeKinnex™ keeps devices charged without having to rely on an electrical outlet. This innovative LiFe battery system is designed to support hot swap or on-cart charging for a laptop cart or full computer cart.