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Convert  your existing desk

to Standing

WorkFit-T Video

WorkFit-T Video: It’s So Simple!

Sit down. Stand up. Move around a bit.

WorkFit-T lifts your desktop 15 inches so you can instantly sit or stand to work in a more healthy and comfortable way.

  • Superior manufacturing with full 5-year warranty
  • Straight up-and-down vertical motion adjustment
  • Space-saving monitor mounts are stable and ergonomic

Dare to Compare!

Compare Ergotron against the competition. You’ll see why Ergotron is the Sit-Stand Leader.

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Five-Year Warranty

WorkFit-T  Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

WorkFit-T easily converts a tabletop into a height-adjustable standing desk. Tested, safe and certified, the industry-leading warranty ensures dependable performance for years to come.

WorkFit-T with Dual Monitor Kit
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